I real Lights. Mulling my impressions.

K needs someone to put his 30 mph horses and naked bareback riders (ooo the chafe) in perspective. Sometimes he writes before he thinks.

I’m here. I just sleep for 22hours a day one week out of two. I need to make time for NJC’s new chapter. (In my book, I mean)

He’s been waiting patiently. I gotta get writing

I take prolonged breaks now and then. Not voluntarily, to be sure, but I pop back into the scene like a bad penny:-)

Update is on my thread if you want details. I don’t make a secret about it but it isn’t what defines me either, so it isn’t part of average conversation. I still look forward to your honesty. I find it refreshing to work with someone who has skills but still can benefit from what I’ve learned over the past couple of years (yes everybody, NJC, Norm, K, Elishiva, seabrass, I’m talking about you)

Stephen, put a pic and basic personal info on the intro. New readers are looking for some kind of overstate and your initial presence is blank.

For those who don’t know me, I apologize for the abruptness of real life impinging on the forum but I need to give an update. I have cancer, and the last round of maintainance chemo was flunked and my tumor started to grow again.

The good news is that I’m on a new regimen and it’s working wonders. I can feel that the tumor is smaller (colon cancer for those who don’t know) it won’t give me a cure, but time...blessed time is now on the horizon.

So I’ve been dealing with the side effects of my current poison and I’m one big zit. Now I entertain myself by browsing the skin care aisle with the enthusiasm of a babe newborn.

I may have to write something if it makes the itch go away. NJC, it is time for a new chapter at the end, just to make you drool:-) I have a good week coming up so get ready...

I’ll fit you into my dance card

Don’t encourage him

Pick pick pick:-)

I understand what you mean as well as what you say. That’s what friends are for

Imaginations can be expensive things

New chapter is up with new material instead of just switching who-thought-what.
Any and all thoughts appreciated.


Alda is the Veil.

AMis the twin and mother of Ghent children. Three of the kids were forcibly turned into the three hells as they reached adulthood.

To save the youngest, Alda kept Behira as an infant for as long as possible, and later an eternal child. It is why Alda can bring back the dead, but Behira can only heal.

In a similar way, Behira turned a Founder into the guild house, but with the person’s consent

I stuck most of my retirement into low risk bonds. Figured the honeymoon period in the stock market is going to end soon


Update: I’m in the process of defining Valharic’s personality and motivations. His personality is really starting to come out between the lines

Hope I helped

I read the para but I’m confused where it would go. I’m assuming this is just a note to yourself to stage the ground rules.

Here’s my thoughts.
Arc angel syndrome isn’t a valid code for a handful of cases in a royal family. The specifics of the syndrome is a delusion, like a schizophrenia or flight of ideas. And a true psych issue can’t be hidden., which leads me to wonder if it is caused by an outside force.

Distancing from god has to happen in the story, not in the big reveal at the end of the book. The reasoning is moot when you try to separate it at the end. The syndrome would have to be mentioned often and loudly through the story, enough that it might give away the ending. Tough call either way.

Suggestion: seraphim syndrome.

Ill look at it ASAP sir, aye aye!


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One bite of the husbands dessert is just sharing. Politeness.

Here is a thought. The AI character is too powerful. There are no warts visible.Every character needs a weakness, otherwise the story reads like a game-boy fantasy.

A classic example is Batman and Superman. Two people tried to explain their character as 'Batman' (in my story). I threw the book at one and eliminated the other character. (Kha and Conleth) Good characters need flaws. It makes them human. It makes them weak. An AI who stays in the outskirts and just supplies weapons and destruction isn't weak, and revealing them as the villain is unsatisfying because it is a deus ex machina. The AI needs a visible arc into success or failure, rather than appearing in the end and being the answer.

I think your villain needs to have a presence in the book, otherwise, there is no one to fight

(Ex: Darth Vader romping around and being shown in cameos as Luke goes about his business.)

In regards tot the third testament, consider reading the Book of Mormon, which is essentially the same thing. It was written by someone who left unfinished long shafts in buildings that he designed. Somehow, they were just the right dimensions for elevator shafts. There are a lot of parallels in what you want to write.

There are linear thinkers, who organized , research, and plot out chapters. I am a patterner, and I pluck scenes from various inspirations and stitch them together later.

In writing, this is just a technique. In medicine, it was a HUGE disadvantage for me. I had to learn to speak linear as a survival tactic. 95% of doctors are linear thinkers. Linear was when I stitched the story together in one continuous thread.

You have plenty of time for that E.

The advantage is that once patterners master their craft, they get MUCH better at the craft than linear. Without formal training, I was out reading CT scans and correcting radiologists. Took me ten years, but hey:-)

I'm a highly chaotic writer and my writing IS my notes. The rest is in my head. Which is unfortunate since chemo is eating my brain.

New chapter is up in Dictates. Have at me, New Jersey. Argh. I can take it.