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No offence, but Matthew has to earn a wobbly knee response before I fall victim to his charms.  And Tazar would kick Matthew to the curb.  I know because I wrote Tazar that way.  He doesn't lose very often. 

You'll see.  If you catch up with Dictates, move on to Mantle.  Most of the other characters are going to be there as well, but Tazar is going to get a moment to shine during the battle scene.  That is the part that is in my head and waiting to come out, but I promised I would write this part linearly so I have to post the prelude first. 

Battle!  (Name that movie with John Travolta)



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OK, here's another thought that solves the problems I've placed in your plot.  It isn't fair that I pointed out a flaw and don't help solve it. 

Here we go...

The arrow shot by Isaac (thanks for giving me the bad guy's name) is at a speed that will kill a man if it hits, so just hit C's horse.  Kill the horse, have it fall, and have her tossed onto the ground.  Then, all you have to do is have her maybe dislocate a shoulder (which can be poppled back in by someone who knows what to do) or have rib fractures.  Then, the story continues as you've written it.  The arrow is taken from the horse to examine.  The couple goes to Dacre tower.  The smooch interrogation goes on schedule, and Isaac has the same time-constraints to make trouble for Matthew. 

Rib fractures mostly heal within 10 days.  After that, the pain is mostly gone except for sudden movements/ reaching and bending. (this might go along with your story later in the chapters).  They take about 6 weeks to heal completely.  A  rotator cuff injury is a matter of putting in a sling and then slowly mobilizing it.  C would have a hard time reaching the arm over her head until it was healed.

So I think the rib fractures is really the way to go and eliminates most of the stress that I've put you under. 

FYI, I'm wondering if we should be sending private messages back and forth instead of using this forum.  That way, I get notified by email that you've sent a message instead of potentially missing the new post that you put here.  It also has a linear format where the messages get displayed in a line, so referencing the info is easy.  Disadvantage is that we won't have others nosing around on the site and commenting so you won't have a social a thread if we move to private messaging.



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It could actually also work out better later on if she actually did hurt her arm really badly.   (Consider having her reinjure her arm at a later date.  The arrow injury wouldn't be competely healed.  If she tried to pull up a large weight or overused that arm, the muscle would tear and put it back to 1st injury status. 

As before, poor Matthew.  My heart just bleeds for him and his 'one inch'.  (snicker)  Deprivation makes the heart grow fonder.  Consider this a time for person growth on his part. :-)


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You can use honey like a triple antibiotic ointment.  Survival medicine uses it instead of bacitracin.  It isn't better than a triple antibiotic, but it's nearly as good.  That way, if you don't have anyone injure themselves, they can use it on a sandwich toward the end of the hike/ trip and eat it.  To treat, just smear it across the cut like an ointment.

Also, realize that most ER's were staffed by family practice doctors.  Emergency medicine didn't become a specialty until about 1970 (after Vietnam)


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Poor Matthew...Would he like some cheese with that whine?  Personally, I'm glad he resents me.  That man is far too used to getting his way.  Sheesh.  A guy whose interrogation technique is composed of kissing women to overpower them and expecting them to crumple.  Big baby. :-)

(Here's the secret handshake...shhhhhh...don't tell anyone)


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My first thought is that most antibiotics hadn't been developed yet.  Here is a Wiki link for what the timeline is for release of these meds (realizing that small-town hospitals probably wouldn't have the newer released ones)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_antibiotics

Depending the size of the town, the characters would get oral antibiotics (sulfa or penicillin), the wound would be washed out with tap or sterile water if available, and left open (not sutured) to drain if it got infected.  They would bandage it, obviously.  Honey is a good bacteriostatic that some docs might have been aware of back then, so that might have been put over the wound.  Have the doc comfort the MC with this treatment and just say that 'it works' ('cause it does)

I have a text from 1915 that shows the treatment for all sorts of diseases.  That might be a good resource.  Give me time though.  Its a really big book.


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Hi there.  I don't mind troubleshooting medical problems or questions so your effects can be accurate.  My background is in trauma surgery (I'm not a doc...I'm a PA, but I get to see the gore and I've been doing that for 15 years.  Send a message over if you have any question!

My writing is more about magic.  Like Lord of the Rings but I like to think that my characters are more realistic.  As I do my job, I use unreality as a vent to blow off steam.  However, I'm a resource to you if needed.  Keep me in mind!




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Clinks glass with virtual beer in hand.  Cheers!


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That's what you look like, Sol!  This conversion wasn't a small project.  I'd imagine it took well over a year to accomplish.  Try not to bite those nails and if you still have the jitters, I suggest a beer :-) 



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You can change the settings so that it isn't points-based.  That was one of the options.  All you have to do is go back and edit the information.


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K!  NJC!  Bimmy!  Erndog!  Janet!  Here's where we pick up where we left off.  I posted a new chapter for Mandates.  I also added a picture.  If I can have my face splashed over Facebook, then why not here?