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Your perspective is unique because of your experience in publishing. Don't let your experience get in the way of your learning. There is always something positive to say while teaching them based on your experience. By reviewing newbie writers, I find that I can jump their learning curve to a higher point of quality. And then, in return, I learn from their mistakes.

Learning how to self-edit is a key skill. You have the writing part down, far more than 99% of the writers on this site. What you need to learn is pace, construction, and how to put a book together. You know the story that you want to tell, but you aren't sure how to put it on the page. Am  I right or just blowing smoke?

Either way, I found your review to be valuable because you were honest. Not because you were nice.

Just a thought


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Any new dislikes from the Solo movie? I loved the equal rights robot


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It took almost six months to get SSI to stop double paying us for the kids.patience is the key


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My latest project has been managing and moving money from my 401 K retirement and pension. I've been trying to accomplish this for over a year but hit a banner day where everything came together. Got seven phone calls...all productive.

Not much writing but it is constantly in my head. I need to add oomph to the scene where Airen gets transported to the top of Faulter's Pass. She gets left alone for a while, but the tension is there. There is a plan re destroying the Black Staff. She realizes it will work, but the consequences (If Faulter lives) are pretty deadly. They know that the last city Faulter touched turned into a death trap. And her husband and kids are in the city

Valium is used to treat seizures. Or Ativan.

Protect his head and let him flop around otherwise. Protect and open the airway

People w frequent seizures don’t always go to the hospital as long as they don’t have serial seizures without waking up in between

No link?

Keep up the running dialogue even though I don't respond every time. Its good to hear about your ongoing progress and I read every one.


Your landlord would be doing backflips. The thought gives me no small amount of joy :-)

I wrote another page, NJC. Each one gets me closer to the end of this chapter. However, it is like pulling teeth to get me to sit down. I've made a rule...when I'm up and can't sleep, and three o'clock arrives, I'm required to get my booty out of bed and write for an hour. Thursday nights have been exceptionally productive.

Next, I need to have the Wolves debate the shape of Jaylene's shield. Then they are going to drop the staff into the magical black hole and we will all see what happens :-)

Poor Faulter. He's finally going to have things happen to him that he didn't instigate. And they are completely deserved.

I’ll take it. Make sure it is a Thursday so I haveenergy

So unfair:-) Don’t make too many time travel options as your default. I’d rather kill off half your universe through my own incompetence:-)


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Never leave a copy of this under your landlord's door. I think he would stroke.

OK. That's really funny.

I love your reviews of Gilligan's island, BTW

I needed points to read that entire thing. Epic is the word I choose, and epic as in War and Peace.

Eventually, you will need to repost as chapter one in the actual book, but use the separate book concept to thin down your first chapter into something more manageable. Keep the book up and start it at chapter 2, keeping the second chapter in its right place. (chapters can be renamed but can't be moved to another book)

I wrote a page today! Whoopee!

Not trying to be too critical here. Just honest. Remember that your job as a writer is to communicate w others. One person is less of an indicator than ten. Use your best judgement

Write and post the chapters as they are meant to be published. If the reviews are thin at the end then it is a clear sign that your chapters are too wordy and need to be thinned.

2000 words max per chapter is my rule. Anything longer is exhausting. Not necessarily to read, but reviewing the way I review? it's a lot of work for piddling points.

NJC, you are turning into such a teacher. You always were, but your clarity in communication has improved massively.

They grow up so fast (sniff)


Take his advice, even if it is in your head. Being able to separate action and identify the key points is crucial.

I will read and review you soon. This is my good week, I should be able to get it done in that time period.


You are writing the catholic version of the Hitchhiker ‘s Guide to the Galaxy

I have a thought about guilt about killing his mother. Joseph needs to NOT have her in his head. Having conversations with a mother figure after death would help assuage the guilt because he could imply or ask for forgiveness.

Good background to know about. Thanks

No...not the dreaded spreadsheets!

I'm still around and causing chaos. Dangling modifiers. Gotcha :-)