I concur. History is the past. It is a matter of fact, we should learn from it, improve and move on. I hate the liberal movement that selectively highlights the trendy bits, demands retrospective outrage and recompense and then totally ignores the rest. Yes, the human race has a history for treating different ethnicities, people with differing sexualities and females badly... on the whole. 

The Japanese butchered their way across South-East Asia and the Pacific. They killed millions of helpless, defenceless people. Men women and children. Some of the atrocities so unspeakably outrageous that civilised folk cannot imagine that one human being could possibly do that unto another.

It happened.

The Germans committed unspeakable acts... genocide waged upon the old-aged through babies. etc, etc...  No mercy whatsoever.

These acts were committed when? Well, the leader of my country, who is still working today, was an adult, working as a military truck driver at the time.

This dreadful period of history occurring during a current working adults lifetime. There will be perpetrators of these heinous crimes walking amongst us even now.

And yet within that same adult life-time, the Germans and Japanese are now respectable world leaders. Complete impunity and immunity. It is considered impolite and rude to mention what they did.

The ACW effectively ended slavery within the USA. Should that not be celebrated, respected and learned from?,

The invaders of any country take slaves. In my country the Romans, the Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans... et al. They all enslaved their conquered populace. China? Russia? Built upon slavery. Ah, but that is ancient history.

Well, the within the adult life-time of the Queen of Great Britain, the Germans ran their factories with slave labour. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Siemens etc. The current German road network was built by slaves, with the dead mixed into the foundations. The Japanese built bridges and railways with slaves; many British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealanders and American POW's worked to death.       

We don't mention or remember them within the current liberal rhetoric. Not all slaves lives matter, apparently. The remembrance and outrage is very selective.

It would interest me learn just how many of those who would eagerly burn a ‘Gone with the Wind’ novel; burn it and ban it. Those who would tear down a Confederate statue or memorial for the sake of humanity; would like to, (or actually do) own a BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota et al… or maybe a Canon, Fujifilm or Nikon camera etc. etc. with a totally selective conscience?   

If we are tearing down anything that is considered offensive (iconic of, or related to slavery), then surely the actual companies that used slave labour are just as culpable as the works of art and literature, if not, more so?

History holds some terrible truths. Yes, we should face up to them. We cannot (should not) change history, we should look back with clarity and shape the future.

On the feminist front, I feel slightly privileged to have been born and raised in Britain. It’s by no means perfect, but I grew up; my formative years under a Queen and female Prime Minister.  Once again we have a woman Prime Minister. It is not strange and not unique. Throughout history this country has had many female leaders and many of those the most successful (Boadicea, Queen Bess and Victoria to name a few). My school Principals were women. I’ve worked for many female bosses and with many extremely capable women of superior intellect and ability than me. This country has recognised and celebrates many females in terms of artists, artistes, authors and heroines. My doctor of the past seventeen years is female. My long-standing bank manager and her wife are both women. I have a mother and had two sisters; I have a wife and two daughters.  I am proud of them all.

I have absolutely no sexist hang-ups pre-conceptions or agenda. Women as equals is all I have ever known. My father was a gentleman and respected the fairer sex. Not in a patronising way but from a natural admiration coupled with the instinctive sense that a male’s primary purpose upon this planet is to cherish and protect the females and children.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a country where female leadership was routine and normal. I was completely blessed to have been raised without alignment to any religion or religious beliefs. My dad hated the paedophile priests and vicars (his brother was assaulted, repeatedly by a churchman… it was common place and hushed up); and was appalled by the totally male dominant teachings and edicts in the Christian Bible.  I’ve travelled and seen that many other religions as well as Christianity teach male dominance and that the female is a secondary species, supplied by a God to the male for convenience; purely for procreation and domesticity.

At least the Ancient Greeks and Romans had interesting female gods. Female Gods on par with their male counterparts. The dark ages following the invention of the sexist Christianity and Islamic cults, has put us back behind those fairer religious times of four to two thousand years ago.

Cleopatra ruled the Egyptian empire two thousand years ago (a civilization that had flourished continuously for more than five thousand years at that point). Today in Egypt, with the surge of stricter adherence to the modern Islamic cult; a woman cannot rise above the rank of assistant head-librarian lest she be demonised. In some neighbouring countries a female committing the religious crimes of driving a car or accepting academic education or wearing cosmetic makeup is liable to be beaten, imprisoned or stoned to death (by the order of God, lest he be offended).

We are such fucking idiots, us humans.

I think it's nice that they've honoured her. Two hundred years on... it marks that she left something behind.

Well, I watched Ken Burns's ACW series in its entirety. An extremely well made documentary; engaging and enlightening. Thanks for the steer!

Underground Atlanta looks cool. You need to enjoy your history whilst you are still allowed to.

Following the removal of Confederate statues, there have been demands to destroy national monuments here in England, starting with Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Liberals claim he was a bad fellow and deserves to be demonised and eradicated from celebrated history because he supported slavery. In actual fact he died for his country at Trafalgar and his victory in that battle gave Britain command of the high-seas and so were able to enforce Wilberforce's Slavery Abolition Act and eradicate the transportation of slaves, effectively killing the business outside of the USA.

What next? The Roman empire was built upon slavery... we should knock down the Colosseum, the Acqua Marcia, Basilica of Maxentius Constantine and Baths of Caracalla?

The Pyramids in Egypt were definitely constructed using slave power. Level those sites?

The world seems to have gone mad.



Alluding to an illusion?


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One of my favorite stories of all time begins with the line...

"This morning I dreamt of you."

But that's a recollection of a dream rather than an actual dream; so I suppose I'm okay to keep liking it?


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Seabrass wrote:

I dream of someday starting a book with a dream...

I dream of someday starting a book


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Marilyn Johnson wrote:

I've been in donkey rescue for many years...

I saw the movie recently, and rushed to read the book. Based upon a true story. Epic!

Antonina Żabiński. Her story is one that you'll love.


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corra wrote:

"Every generation thinks the next one will destroy the civilized world. They finally may be right." - Mom

Every generation is far better equipped for the task than the last.

corra wrote:
Dill Carver wrote:

The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman

Did you like this one?

Well, my daughters took me to the Cinema to see the movie. It was okay. The story is based upon fact and is terrific tale. I had an inkling that the book might be better than the film and it most certainly is, IMO.

corra wrote:
Dill Carver wrote:

The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory

Did you go to a signing? We are on the same wavelength!

No, it was auctioned on Ebay. I'm building a little collection of signed first editions. My others are all John le Carré, but I saw this and went for it. Very reasonable it was too.


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A UK journalist once wrote of Wayne Rooney (a ruddy faced English soccer player), when he first appeared on the scene; that he 'has a face, lovingly fashioned by God, from a potato.'

That kind of stuck with me over the years. … .jpg?w=636


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jack the knife wrote:

..... But when I hear of authors bragging about how well their free book is "selling" on Amazon, I cringe. Hello. Free means those who download it don't put any value on it, and are only downloading it  to be read when there's nothing else to do - maybe) because it's free.

This is topical, I was discussing the subject with a friend yesterday. The truth is that I really don't understand the e-book pricing on Amazon?

Okay, this is Amazon UK and UK Authors that I'm referring to, but I think the principle is same as the USA.

For example Kerry Fisher's. 'The Silent Wife' is a recent bestseller over here. It's in the bookstore window displays in paperback form for the standard £8.50 ($10.00 USD) and it is flying off the shelf.

However, it is concurrently sold at .99 pence on Amazon UK as a Kindle download. … rds=ebooks

For some strange psychological reason I can't read a novel on a screen. My kindle is used as a mouse mat and I need the paper and print. However, I was pleased to pay my $10 for the book and friends who can get on with the screen reading say they'd happily part with £5 for the Kindle download, considering it a bargain at that price.

Why is it 99p for a proven bestseller?

Claire Douglas, does it differently. A strategy I can at least understand. She's a UK bestselling Author with a highly anticipated new novel that was recently released, 'Last Seen Alive'...  She follows this with the free Kindle download of a short story, 'The Text' as a kind of taster/teaser. I'm sure it will promote a lot of interest in her other 'normally' priced novels. … rds=ebooks

There's also the other trend. Some of the naff free stuff became so popular, because it is so bad, that now it sells for big money. Like charging voyeurs to gawp at the train wreck. … nise+Ellis

The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory

A beautiful hard cover, signed by the author. One for the shelf. I'm thinking of resiting breaking the spine. Keep the hardback pristine and reading a paperback when it is released... but I'd have to wait until Feb 2018!  Dilemma.


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Har! Not too quiet now!

(I predict)


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Marilyn Johnson wrote:

Scary, huh?  When I look at the delusional leader of this country, it scares me to think he is the one in control of my fate.  What sad times we live in.  It's not because I did or did not vote for him.  It's because I am way too smart to drink this fool's kool-aid, and I will not be led over the cliff with him and his kind.  He is an out-of-control lying maniac, and our country is in serious danger of extinction.   I am always more than willing to work with the one in office, regardless of what my vote said, but this one stretches my ability to do so.  He has wreaked more havoc in his 200 days in office than any other president in the history of our country did in his entire tenure.  The song 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone' by Peter, Paul, and Mary is an accurate depiction of the times we're living in today, which is a vicious circle of self-destruction:  in that song, all the flowers disappear because young girls picked them; all young girls disappear because they took husbands; all husbands became soldiers, then went to graveyards, and all the graveyards were then covered with the flowers picked by the young girls. The compelling question in that song is 'when will they ever learn?'  It applies today.

I am not a North American, but such is its influence, the USA presidency affects the world. From the side-lines the recent USA elections were a scary farce. The electoral game-show ensures that anyone with honour, dignity and honesty is easily undermined, usurped  picked off  and eliminated.  They'll never survive the process; bigger ambitious machines are at work to ensure it. You end up with two of the most reprehensible candidates possible, because only people of that ilk can survive the process. Any candidate with a shred of honesty or integrity more than Hilary Clinton would have beaten the other one out of sight. It was like a sick dirty-fighting game show with the two most reprehensible contestants in the final, and the alpha-host won.

With Clinton, you dodged a bullet, only to get hit in the head like a trout, with the cudgel that is Trump.

Trump is a idiot of that there is no doubt. He says exactly what he thinks, and although convinced of his opinions, is narrow minded and uncompromising  within them. He is so stupid because he doesn't realise the such behaviour is the sole prerogative of the liberal.

With trump you know exactly what the issues are, up front and in your face. With Clinton you'd have to wait to read the exposed memoirs or indictments upon the disasters in question. The same pit, different snake.

Trump will be ousted; the media, celebtards and the corporates are opposed to him. Positive actions/effects are either not reported or watered down. Negative actions/effect are amplified, exaggerated and run continually. There is much within the fake news claim. Where Obama could reign bombs down on people without a murmur, Trump  so much as farts and there is national outrage upon the front page. 

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody doesn't demand that tNBW admin censor this post.

Of the flowers/girls graveyards, it is worth remembering the awkward fact despite being elected upon his stance against "dumb wars" that far more US military personnel died under Obama than under Bush (more than double the amount). Obama authorised air-strikes against seven different nations.

Obama was the nice and reasonable faced puppet; like the UK's own Liberal Democrat, Tony Blair. They allowed the puppet-masters to get on with the game and distracted the public with sweeties whilst the outsourcing and globalisation occurs and the wars expand; like one another, they are now off to the lizard-lounge to live like royalty off the ghost-written book-rights. History will record Obama as the President who gave his people a lollipop and a whistle whilst he quietly sold his country to China.   

We have the same here in Europe. After two world wars and a 'never again,' Germany owns the continent. Unstoppable. Dare mention the fact and you are routinely labeled a racist little-islander; a fascist.

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. If it ever does get better.

The USA? Ditch Trump and get back to giving the country away; selling it off for the personal profit of politicians, corporate leaders and foreign investors?

Trump is definitely not the answer, but he can at least see some of the questions and as harsh as they are, they need addressing. That's what many voters recognised.

The Ancient Egyptians, The Ancient Greeks, Rome, et al -- great civilisations fall. They crumble around those that live in them. The complacent people who thought they were safe, secure, sophisticated and in control.  What follows is the unthinkable.


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Marilyn Johnson wrote:

Animals are not made to be entertainment for ignorant human beings. Grrrr...

Within my opinion there are two issues. Firstly nature; humans are the top of the food chain and act like it. We naturally regard every other species on this planet as inferior and less significant. Disposable. 

Secondly, religion. Every one of the hundreds of religious cults ever invented, ancient and modern, puts its own group of human believers at the centre of the universe. A conscious being(s), creator(s), made humans and provided this planet, this universe exclusively and entirely for us humans to use, abuse and destroy. Everything, animal/mineral/vegetable is inferior to those of these cults within their ideology.

The truth is we humans are a nasty self-destructing virus that will bring down this planet. We kill our environment the way cancer kills healthy cells and to the same end. In the meantime we sanctimoniously delude ourselves with our own superiority

Disgusting, stupid, treacherous people; the Clinton's/Trump's/Merkel's/Corbyn's/Putin's/Jong-un, et al... The best of the human race? In charge, running the show and leading us forward?



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Marilyn Johnson wrote:

It probably is true because so many people disrespect animals.  If someone took that steel rod and thrashed that fool across his head a few times, he would never do it again.  I firmly believe the punishment for animal abusers is to give them exactly what they dished out.  I have no sympathy for abusers.  Most of the people on death row were also animal abusers.

Don't ever go to the Middle-East or North Africa MJ. Never! Seriously, it'd break your heart to see how animals, the beasts of burden, are treated out there.

Also, I once saw a old 'dancing bear' being made to perform in Bulgaria. I experienced some things within twelve years of military service... but the trauma and sadness of that broken creature, I'll never forget.
People are such filthy, disgusting and disrespectful creatures. I honestly feel that the human species doesn't deserve this world. We are a mistake.

Sometimes you want to know precisely what you're getting. Then, you look to the unicorn. No fat. Just protein.

Grow some Unicorns!

corra wrote:

I'm not sure any organ in the human body reveals more courage and perseverance...$Web$&w=570&h=513&$WebPDPBadge570$&topright=empty&bottomleft=empty or is more easily distracted

corra wrote:

...than the uterus.


The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman