2 Bonus Points for New Members

by Pamela Monson

3 Demons vs. Angels

by George FLC

6 Profile Picture

by Pamela Monson aka Iron Cowboy

7 Finding a posting

by Anika Aze

10 Stage Coach Rules

by George FLC

11 Plural you

by George FLC

12 (over)use of pronouns?

by Dirk B.

18 grammar question

by Dirk B.

21 Editing and feedback

by Carol Oaks

23 wear vs. wearing

by Dirk B.

25 the elusive malaphor

by Max Boyce

27 Software?

by M. L. Dana

28 Guard or guard?

by Norm d'Plume

29 -ing verbs

by Norm d'Plume

30 1st vs. 3rd Person Perspective

by AJLZarychta