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Topic: the elusive malaphor

https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/201 … malaphors/

I  love malaphor constructions in wills and legal papers, but not when signing on the dottering line.

I'm sure the folks here can think of many more malaphors, after they put on their thinking-craps and they will be on the tips of their tongues.

I usually wear mine when sitting in the throne room until the cows come home.

Well, I tried... lol.

Re: the elusive malaphor

Metaphors vs malaphors. Even though, I have never set out to construct a malaphor the concept is intriguing. Let's give it a try. (The bridegroom dressed like a penguin waddled down the isle quacking all of the way.) Is 'dressed like a penguin' a metaphor or a malaphor? The bridegroom may consider it malicious.

Re: the elusive malaphor

We'll burn that bridge when we get to it is not so a malaphor as a clever new rendering of an old metaphor.

or  They'll burn that cross when they get to it has an allusion to the KKK for racist intentions.