Yay! Edits being accomplished!


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Just turned on my computer and saw the new menu on the home page. Now we can see everything new right away. Nice job.


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Hmmm put it that way, it does make sense. And I forgot that your connections show up on your page so I'd be able to review that way.


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I'm on my final chapter of Big Hearts. When I revise I'll start posting the new version in here. And I have a new book bubbling up, I guess I better get to typing.


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Hi Michelle, I guess I missed it, which apparently is quite easy to do. I'm not sure the pictures help as they take up so much room on the page and you hardly get to scroll down the whole list of new postings. I'm wrestling with my last chapter, and I will for sure get to your story. I do love your writing, and I'm glad for this group. A new challenge for my own writing.

Write On!


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Please forgive me, I'm so un-tech-savvy that I have to be told at least a dozen times before I actually get it. I've joined five groups, one of which is my own, Kid's Korner. I understand that is the limit (which is rather upsetting) When I post to Premium, will that story be seen in 'Free'? Or will it only show up in the groups I select.

I've grown attached to several stories which fit into more than five categories, and if those writers don't post to either free or premium, I'll loose track of them. And I'll hope to join more YA and Romance groups because that's the only way I'll learn from the best - unless they also post to premium.

Help me understand this.



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The best option, fast, easy, and free, would be CreateSpace. They have templates for everything and even have a superb cover creator which you can upload your own pictures to. The cover has a ton of nice looking templates and you can personalize your own. Select your book trim size and download the template, then upload your chapters. It formats perfectly, but the contents won't track the chapter pages. The whole program is super easy steps, and it's free to use. My 7x9 books with about 150 pages cost me about 3.00 plus shipping and you can set your own price on Amazon and sell them for what you want at book signings you set up. Marketing is a b****h, but I've done it for a couple years and still find it fun. Hope that answers your questions.

Oh, yea, if you want editing help, that costs. I'd hire my own editor and proofreader, but you'll still end up with typos sad

Write On!


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Just wondering if anyone is thinking about generating a romance group. I know there are writers out there with far more skill in the genre than I, but I'd sure like to keep hob-nobbing with the smart folk. I learned so much from you in the old group and I want to continue. My little story still needs a lot of work and if I could connect with more writers it would be grand, but I'm sorta scared to start one myself, not knowing that much about how it works.



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Thanks for the head's up. I was about to start reading again, maybe I'll stick to writing today.


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amy s wrote:


Favor to ask.  Please increase the clock before the mandatory logout.  I just worked an hour on a really good review, the clock kicked me out and the review was lost as I was forced to log in again.  For writing and editing online, this will cause a lot of lost work.  While taking the time for a decent review, I've just wasted an hour of my life. 

Thanks in advance.  Now I have to go back and do that review again.


Aha! So that's one of the problems! Yes, love to see that clock get clocked! However, now that I'm using Chrome, my browser isn't crashing and I can do my work from the laptop.

I don't know how you possibly keep up with all of this, Sol, but I sure appreciate it.


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Yay!  I  was hoping to hear that.  I'm working out the last two chapters of Big Hearts. Then short break and the big revision.  Of course the next one is already bubbling up. Barrel Racing. smile


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Wow, I finally am learning to get around in the site. I'm hoping the group will work. I posted in both this group and the premium and free groups. Didn't cost much to post in all three.  I don't know anything about the points either, I hope readers get some sort of points for reading. That's the only problem I can see so far. And bug reports should go to Sol, I have no idea what I'm doing smile


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Hi Sol, I've been tearing my hair out trying to get Internet Explorer to work with the new site, so I finally broke down and installed Goggle Chrome. I'm not that fond of the browser, but I'll do anything to get our new site working. And It Does!!! If I have other buggy problems, I'll drop a line.


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jack the knife wrote:

I do use IE. Did you try going down my list of connections in the send-a-message page? My first connection listed is Dagnee; my last connection is j l mo. After Judys781 - and that listing is barely visible - the scroller stops. I can see the names after Judys781 by scrolling on the names themselves, but I can't click on them; if I try, it sends me back to Dagnee.

I also use IE on a laptop (by the way, it's an HP, ) and I have all sorts of problems, including when I try to send a messagelike this it takes several tries since my browswer shuts down, can't even take time to fix spelling errors,


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Karin Rita Gastreich wrote:

Hi Sol!

I don't seem to be able to send messages to my contacts.  When I click "send a message" I get a blue message window, but there is no place to write the message. If I click "send message" the window closes & nothing seems to happen.

I LOVE the in-line review feature, by the way. That is working for me without a hitch & makes the review process go much faster. Overall the new site has been a lot of fun.

I'm having the same problem with messages. Tried on all my devices


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Wow, is it just my phone, or is everyone's ip address showing up under their names?  I'm the farthest thing from tech savvy, but I've never seen that before!


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PByrd wrote:
KHippolite wrote:
njc wrote:

The site also has the habit of logging me out, and Chrome on the phone cannot verify the site ID, or get a secure connection.

Hmmm yes... I noticed that. I read a piece and when I reached the end, I was kicked out. Good thing I didn't happen to be typing a review or else I'd probably have had to retype it.

This happened to me today. I was in the process of writing a long review and when I went to submit, the system kicked me out and I had to log back in. I completely lost the review and had to re-do the whole thing. It seemed to be more of a timing issue and repeatedly kicked me out if I was in the system more than 20 minutes.

For me,  any time I try to type in a dialog box my browser crashes. I use a Toshiba with Windows 8. It's been cleaned up and upgraded. I'm not fond of Chrome or Firefox but I can switch if someone thinks it might work.

I have the same question, if we're changed points to post or edit (if we increase content) but we gain no points reading, it won't take long to go bankrupt. Maybe I'm understanding wrong.
Thanks in advance for the answer


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Ditto on the inlines.  Although for now I can only do them on my phone or tablet


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Thanks Linda I'll look at it again and try to figure it out

First, I figured out that my own laptop is preventing me from doing many things on the site. I'm taking it back to the doctor to fix the issue.

Real question is, how can I tell if one of my stories is unpublished?  I know it must be easy, it was right on the list of works on the other site, but I can't find it here.


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Sorry, I did all the above. The videos are very good and the instructions are clear, I just think my computer isn't playing well with yours. I think I'll try on my phone, then I'm going to sleep. Maybe if I give my computer the cold shoulder it will straighten up and fly right!

I know you all are doing as much as possible, it boggles my mind!

Write On!


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Linda Lee wrote:

Mrs. Piddles  --you can click on the forum name of any writer and get the option to connect that way. OR you can type their name into the little magnifying glass search bar up on the top of the screen and type the name of the writer you want to connect with. Once their page comes up, hit the connection button.

I get no button, only a menu of that person's profile page. If I click on connections it just tells me that this person has no connections and I should send them a connect request, but I can't find that button. I'm using internet explorer.


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I'm still not able to leave an inline review. This is a function I was able to do just fine on two other critique sites, which I stopped using long ago, but when I highlight text, nothing happens. There is no way I can leave an inline review and I haven't seen any inlines on anything I've read yet. Of course this is just the first few hours. And when I'm typing something in a forum, the site keeps freezing. Is it that busy today?



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I can't seem to find the 'connect' button on anyone's profile page. I noticed that some members, like Ann Evans, already have connections, but I'm not able to even send a connect request. Is this a bug, or is it just missing on my page, or am I just not able to see it?