Topic: Romance Groups?

Just wondering if anyone is thinking about generating a romance group. I know there are writers out there with far more skill in the genre than I, but I'd sure like to keep hob-nobbing with the smart folk. I learned so much from you in the old group and I want to continue. My little story still needs a lot of work and if I could connect with more writers it would be grand, but I'm sorta scared to start one myself, not knowing that much about how it works.


Re: Romance Groups?

Hey, Mrs. Piddles - No sweat starting the group. I know there are quite a few Romance writers here who should want to join. In fact, I'm surprised there hasn't been such a group started already. I predict it would have the most members of any of the groups. So pick a logo/icon/photo for the group, decide if you want it free or for points, and do it.

Re: Romance Groups?

Romance group has been established!  smile