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TheNextBigWriter Premium is an online writing workshop group. The oldest of all the groups on TheNextBigWriter, it is for writers who are looking to trade feedback and actively workshop their content with others to prepare it for publication. 

The Benefits of Joining this Group include:

  • ​Guaranteed Feedback: If you join this group and participate you will receive guaranteed, substantive feedback on your writing.
  • Writing Contests: The Group sponsors frequent contests, including the annual Strongest Start Novel Contest. These are free to enter for group members.
  • Interaction with Writing Pros: Many of the writers in the group have been extensively published.

The group uses the site's points system, which ensures that everyone who posts their content in the group also provides feedback. 

You must be a Premium Member to post to this group.

Group Results

  • Hundreds of short stories and poems workshopped in the group have been published by independent literary magazines and the mainstream presses.
  • Hundreds of novels workshopped in the group have already achieved commercial success and many more are moving their way through the publication process.
TheNextBigWriter Premium

Members: 13941

Language: English

Points System: Yes

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Access: Public

Public group! You don't need need moderator's permission to become a member.

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New Group Contests

The Strongest Start Book Competition 2018

Over $1,000 in Prizes, Feedback, and Prestige

Prize: Grand prize: $600 cash, Pro Review, Visibility

Group Messages

Topic Replies Views Last Post
Sticky : Welcome 146 32359 08/17/2018
Sticky : Premium forum rules 1 383 06/24/2018
Climb Down Opinions 2 42 08/21/2018
More Hacker Blues 12 245 08/19/2018
Strongest Start 5 178 08/17/2018

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