Topic: New question about portfolio

First, I figured out that my own laptop is preventing me from doing many things on the site. I'm taking it back to the doctor to fix the issue.

Real question is, how can I tell if one of my stories is unpublished?  I know it must be easy, it was right on the list of works on the other site, but I can't find it here.

Re: New question about portfolio

Hey again Mrs. Piddles

When you are in edit mode, within the document in any chapter, if it is unpublished, a big green button shows up at the top of the doc letting you know that it's unpublished. Also, if you go into 'content' view, the list will indicate published vs. unpublished with a yes or no. Lastly, to verify, if you go to the public view of your project, unpublished chapters will NOT show up on the drop down chapter menu.

Re: New question about portfolio

Thanks Linda I'll look at it again and try to figure it out