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Ha! What's with the double e?? wink

We could always revert to Hey Hamler but John would get off on that too much. The man is egomaniacal, I'm afraid. As to no bs, I dunno, we do tend to do that a lot here. Course I'm always right, on whatever topic, as are Simi and you. wink

That old thread became a warped compendium of miscellany, bs included. It gave me steady comic relief, though, with no judging and no holds barred. Or is it no bars held?


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I like the announcement typo and all. Congratulations, Linda! The first draft is now behind you!!!

(I'll be reading more shortly, once I get through my next ch...)

Thumbs up, Linda!!



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Hey Linda, welcome! And welcome to my pal Greymartin!  Now if
John would come up with a decent image - not for him, he's hopeless - and a name that doesnt make me feel like a Mousketeer or a Bad News Bear, I'd be happy! wink. Yeah, John, and a better description.

Funny, I'd started a group, all drafted and everything. Then my iPad crashed (again!!!) and lo and behold, Mr. H had come with this group.

Who am I to interfere with a drummer's initiative? Those guys are usually just keeping time. Right, John??

Vern, thanks for the second review of ch 8 (revised). I do appreciate your help!!

Linda, I'll check out more of Sis Marg this weekend.



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Im feeling rather slick, getting those images to pop up here. I always had a tough time with the help instructions for inserting images, but I finally got it right. So, just to show off, I'm giving y'all some techie help:

Here's what I wrote - and it worked:

PunBB bbcode

Now, lemme break it down. This is what you do is after typing this part just like this: [img=PunBB bbcode]You insert the web address with no space after that last close bracket.
Then, right after the web address, without inserting a space, you type this:[/img]

So how cool am I?

Try it!

PunBB bbcode


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Vern, thanks for the. Ch 1 inline review even if you goofed re the ch. Much appreciated those comments !!


That's my question, too, njc. (Do reviewers get extra when we get charged extra?)

Also, Sol, when you've gotten some rest, can you look into the other issues I mentioned above?

Thanks again, both for answering everyone's questions so promptly, and for creating this shiny new site!!


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John, the image of the old drug lord dude isn't too recognizable I fear. You need an image that's more INVITING, or funny -- or at least far less bizarre -- if we are to head down the same path we began on the old site.

Like a wombat.

PunBB bbcode

Sol, here's my link to my review of fwc's script: http://www.thenextbigwriter.com/view-po … ent-264109

I sure would appreviate the credit.

Also, re the editing charges: thanks for your response. However, I'm not sure that anything will balance out through this iset-up. My issue is: for readers who have already left reviews, shouldn't they be awarded points to re-read the revisions for which I have been charged more points? Granted, the additional revision points for added content aren't that high, but then the re-read should at least gain a few discounted extra points, too.

As you know, the number of reviewers dramatically drops off after the first few chapters, sometimes even after ch 1. Those who stick with a book are already performing a massive service to the writer, and their loyalty is incredible.

It's tough to ask already-loyal but very busy readers to check out a revision (these cost points) when they stand to gain nothing but more demands on their limited time, just because they have become dedicated readers (up to a certain point, anyway), and, often, friends.

Many thanks once again.


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Yea Vern, I thought Poltergeist worked. But Jihn is the moderator so he has to change the unattractive image, I think.

Not sure if this conversation belongs in the general forum thread or not. Sol may have an issue since he's trying to tidy up and organize on this here newfangled site. But what do I know? Hopefully we'll get our onlookers even if they don't join in. Wish they would, though.

Hey did you look at my revised ch 8? I added stuff, and was charged points to edit here. Don't know if you get any points to re-read but I tend to doubt it....


Thanks for the explanation, Sol. No cheating intended. But if we are now being assessed points for edits, how about a flag on our chapters to show they've been edited and allowing old readers to re-read the revised version for reduced points?

Note: I actually tried to post a version two of the chapter and, unfortunately, I was a fail...

Also, re: reviewing new members (fwc had a question for you about his new membership status, with one premium month awarded to him): I just reviewed fwc's work and received no credit for my time. As I recall, we received full credit for reviewing new members' work. I see no incentive to review them if we get no credit for it.

(In fwc's case, I remember him from the old site, and would have reviewed him

Next, scrolling doesn't always work properly in the windows (e,g., in my review pane, and in this forum post of mine) on the mobile Verizon. (I use iPad a lot.) It won't move down when I go back into the pane to make corrections and changes, unless I hit 'return' and get an extra line that I then have to delete...

Finally, a glitch just appeared on the mobile version - all my capital letters disappeared in my review of fwc's script. I had to go back to edit and add them back in.

Thanks again.



I am being charged points for Genesis, when I edited my latest chapter but didn't publish a version two. I also played around with editing and changing the book cover.

Are we being assessed points when we simply edit?

Are we being assessed points for customizing our book covers?

Please explain why and when points are deducted other than for publishing chapters.



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Yup, got your invite and voilá.

But about your images? Sheesh! I reciprocated with a profile photo of my CUTE pup along the Hudson, in case you hadn't noticed, but yeah, the heap of brown stuff for this group is definitely unattractive. Putting it mildly, that is. Which is why I inserted the Poltergeist - use it if you like, or reinvent my wheel...

'Course I know about your Heart cover band. And how you don big hair along with your formal garb while you bang the drums slowly (or not, depending on the song).

Now. Since when are you so easily bullied? You want to cede defeat so soon and have ME start it up again -- with 'a proper' group, are you kidding me? --  on this new site, when I already laid down the gauntlet and challenged YOU to do it? Do I have to link you to Wassamattah U again??

Told you before, on the old site:




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If this is the best title you can think of, then the answer is no. Surely you can do better than HodgePodge, or your name ain't John Hamler. wink

P.S. And that image has got to go, omg! roll

PunBB bbcode


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A few more things:

First, I thought the inline review would work like comments to a Word document so I could comment on different things. Yet I'm limited to five comments for the same number of points as if I made a more general review (I think inlines deserve more points for the extra time they take), and although I was ultimately able to leave 18 comments, I still couldn't finish. Then, I put comments in my 'final' response section and received no extra points for my effort. Doesn't seem 'inline' for some reason...

Next, Sol, there are some additional questions in the new 'feedback' thread. I'd love your answers to them.

Finally, there's no quick and easy link to the forums like before, and I'm confused about whether there will be sub-threads. One huge forum might be a bit messy, unless I'm confused (as usual!)

Thanks again.


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Hope Sol answers the above questions, since I have the same ones...


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Sol, I'd like to stay logged in. I bookmark the site, as I did with the old site, but i have to log in each time.

Also, the 'read' tab is low on the page, well below 'the fold.' I like seeing what's freshly posted right up front, on the first page pf the site. Now I have to hunt...


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Nice job, Sol! I know you invested a lot of time and effort into this new site, and it shows! Congratulations! smile