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Congrats Jack!  You deserve high acclaim....major undertaking!   Irene/Kyla


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Hi my chosen one.  I am so glad you got the book.  of course you know I will fall over with pleasure if you make an entry on amazon kindle...I have not  received your poetry books yet but excited!  hugs and hugs


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aka  kya


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Hi all!  I see I can just scroll down to the bottom of the page and make entries. Why do I feel like half my brain is on holidays? One of our members asked me about self-publishing, which is my choice of getting my novellas out there.  I plan to promote my INCREDULOUS JOURNEY via self-publishing. I use createspace because of cost but I am sure there are many credible outlets as well. 

I have sold several of my GLADYS TRIPALONG novellas but for the most part I am just having fun. Not going to get rich by any means!

Happy writing -


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I am still have trouble finding my way around. I did find the old site forum access was easier for me to fine quickly.  But I will return.
I am not sure how we easily interact. but sure would like to know!



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Hi jp.  My Fairview is in Alberta, Canada.  You really need to drop by sometime.  Hey!  We could show you one hell of a great adventure!  Irene aka Kyla. By the way, speaking of heroes, you are definitely one of mine, big time!


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I am so pleased to have our old forum up and running. I like the dynamics of the forum and look forward to getting involved in the new year.  Irene Hamilton


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I agree.  ...like a rabbit staring into high beam lights is a good description. I find taking time every day to read and absorb is helping me get the feel of things. I second the congrats to TNBW crew for an incredible job. It is indeed, awesome.
Irene Hamilton

The set up for regular reviews is an awesome time saver and major appreciated by some of (not so young, not so savy) folks.  Yes!  Irene.


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HI Pammy. Maybe if I keep working on this forum thing I'll get better! Yes, you are now in my group.  Good news.

I am going to read one of your stories shortly.

You mentioned that you time restraints make it difficult for you to take on novels.  Well with my  INCREDULOUS JOURNEY you can go right ahead and read the first chapter...as each of the first few chapters pretty much stand alone. I like to write novellas because there are far fewer chapters and it is not so mind boggling for the reviewers.  For me to take on a novel with more than 20 chapters is a huge commitment.  Shorter is better (for me that is)
Off I go to read and review for Pammy Raff.


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Wow! Pammy this is awesome!   I just snuck back in to see if anyone responded, and there you are! Please send me another message telling me what you would like me to read and I will get right on it.

Today I am bundling up and heading outdoors every two hours to shovel a path for my Molly. Poor little doggie, she hates the cold even more than I do but I can't stand to see her struggle. I don't know if I can post pictures on this forum thing but if I can, I will do so.  Northern Canada is not the best place to hang out in this weather!


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HI you all who have joined my group.  I didn't even realize we have a forum option.  As time goes on I will put in tidbits of this and that and certainly would like to hear from you all.  Our lives are not all about writing.

Let's spend some time getting to know one another.

As you all know, I am married (second time around) have two grown children and six grandchildren.  Sometimes I forget that I am aging.... a bit
...because I still feel 40 and I still act 25 so life is as good as it can be right now.

Although my husband is quite ill, I am able to take on what I used to refer to as HIS CHORES, and it not my intention to ever see him end up hospitalized.

We have had the opportunity (twice) to spend our winter's in Mazatlan and we had a lake lot at Sturgeon Lake for many years.  So many memories, all good, some silly and some forgettable.

Would love to hear from everyone

Irene Hamilton   aka Kyla


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INCREDULOUS is the word I am using (unless I mess up the spelling, which apparently I did).  And yes, in our case "unbelievable, unable to believe something.....
is what I am writing about.  How can my husband Ken be dying from cancer?  I am writing a novella about our experiences from the time we met until we can no longer be together.  I thank you so much for catching this error. I will check to be sure I didn't mess in other spots. 
Irene Hamilton


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Hi Michael. 
I am working on a memoirs/fiction novella:  INCEDULOUS JOURNEY.  All feedback would be greatly appreciated.  thanks!

Kyla aka Irene Hamilton


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There are several people that I would like to invite to my group, but I seem to have trouble finding them. I know there is a quick way but not sure how to access, for example, I would like to invite PByrd.

Irene Hamilton

Hi Paul. I also miss the feature where we could see all new postings in all categories. It's taking me a while but I think I finally have the hang of replying to reviews.  I have yet to figure out how to submit my new novella chapters to the free group site.  Sigh.  Irene aka kyla

I didn't realize there was a bonus for quick reviews.  I'm glad to even get my review posted.  It takes me a while to find my way around...Sigh.  Irene aka Kyla


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Hi pammy.  Thanks so much.  I am totally muddled trying to learn all the new things on the new site! and I am more than pleased to have you as a member. I didn't even know I had set it up right.  I feel like I back in grade one.  As soon as I get my bearings I will get to reading your work.  Thanks again.

Irene Hamilton aka kyla


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Hi everyone, I hope I have set up my group correctly. Guess I'll find out. My brain doesn't like to be tested much anymore but I am intrigued with the new site and I am determined  to get more involved.

How do you feel about mixing humor with memoirs?  That is what I am doing with my INCREDULOUS JOURNEY. I hope it works. My husband Ken has cancer and I want to share the walk through cancer with others....but not without some good times in our life, which in fact we continue to enjoy.



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Hi SoIN and everyone who has worked tirelessly on this new site.  It will take me some time to figure it all out but I definitely will persevere. I am making myself a manual. TNBW is the best!  Irene Hamilton aka Kyla