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An alternative to having Connor and his cousins subject themselves to the switch being turned off is to leave the switch on (there's no way to turn it off without causing instant death). So, Connor will have to fight the effects for the rest of the trilogy. However, I could make his cousins loyal to him by him revealing he is the son of Satan. I'll have to figure out a way to make that loyalty change permanent, meaning once they're loyal to Connor, that won't change even when they see Satan near the edge of the final battle.


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Awesome idea (if I do say so myself): rather than have Connor make up and show what he's seeing of Christ to the other members of the tour group, I'm going to change it so that the visions are real and Connor is merely showing what he truly sees. I can even switch scenes briefly to put Connor there, meaning a quick jump to the past. Connor will be in the historic scene, pretty much as he describes Christ addressing him across time, but the visions will not show Connor in the past, just that he is there and God is talking to him.

Hopefully, I can come up with things for Christ and Connor to say that have double meanings: to the others in the tour group, it'll reinforce they're growing belief of Connor as Christ (or at least won't give away that Connor is the Antichrist); only Connor knows that the words are intended for the Antichrist. Of course, God could give away Connor's real identity at any time, but He agreed up front not to do so.

I'll have to write up all these interactions up front to ensure it can actually be done in some way. It should be similar to the way Phanuel answers the questions of the group about why Antonio's noble deeds (eg saving Connor from the caracal at the baptism site) aren't really noble. Instead, Phanuel says Connor probably would not have been harmed by the caracal. He also says great deeds await you. Instead, I could put that in the message from Christ at each stop.


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A further refinement of the above is to use first-person narration of the historic scenes. That would really put the reader in Connor's place in the scene. If I can figure out how to do it, the scenes would allow the reader to, for example, walk on water. Walking on water is a very tricky one, though, because in the first draft, Jesus walks on water in the past, whereas Connor walks on water in the present and is attacked by the sudden storm. It'll be hard to show Connor in both the past and the present. I need to think about that some more, but putting the reader into those historic scenes would be really cool.

They'd be very short scenes, though, since I don't have the enthusiasm to research enough historical details to describe anything at the level of detail I use for those locations in the present.


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Cool ability: since Connor can use telekinesis, he ought to be able raise himself off the ground, though I intend to make it a limited ability, but if he can levitate, then he can use that ability (heightened temporarily by the wine from the Garden of Eden) to help him when he runs & jumps off the edge of Megiddo to jump over the attacking horde of demons and come at them from behind, while his cousins attack from the front. In other words, he uses telekinesis to help him stay in the air longer, while his boosted momentum from jumping from Megiddo takes him much farther than he otherwise could, over the hordes to land behind them.

The other option is to ignore telekinesis in this particular scene and make it the wine that allows him to sail over the hordes. An easier explanation.


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Telekinesis makes your job more headachey. If you can live without it, I recommend. He drinks the wine and he simply "jumps" and mov on with story.

Example problem: If Connor can generate enough force to lift himself, why can't he apply that same thrust to a needle or a bullet. That much force on a bullet is more than a gun can impart because ultimately a gun is attached to a hand and Newton's 3rd law etc. He's effectively now armed at all times.

A: The telekinesis is only up/down

Q: Can he toss ball bearings under his opponent's feet then shoot one up with his mass behind it?

A: Oh, well it only works on him

Q: Can he lift himself while carrying something like a book?

A: Certainly. Anything he could lift manually.

Q: Such as a large paving stone...

A: But he couldn't drop it on an opponent's head.

Q: But he could generate thrust using a simple can of hair spray


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LOL. Connor is already capable of telekinesis (tk). For example, at Capernaum, he uses tk to tear stones from the old ruins and hurl those with bone-crunching force at the demonic hyenas. He's also the one who topples the Baldacchino in St. Peter's Basilica. Also, I need tk to explain his ability to manipulate clouds (have them form, have them dissipate, have them concentrate into thunderstorms, etc.) and to manipulate water to generate a rainbow over St. Peter's Basilica at the end. He also uses tk during a major fight with his father halfway through book 2, and again at the climax of book 2, when God "cleanses the Temple". smile

I was merely considering whether or not to involve tk in his jump off Megiddo. He'll use tk again in his battle against De Rosa's most powerful lieutenant at the end of book 3.