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Congrats to the winners. Way to go.


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I hope this so-called romance had a warning so unexpecting readers especially young readers are not lured by the misnomer in classification.


Me too.

Flew back from San Juan yesterday on Southwest. As we were approaching Orlando, a stop over for our final flight to Houston, we were serenaded by a petite hostess who sang to us about the joys of flying Southwest. After her song, the other hostess told us we had been sung to by the granddaughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
After some coaxing, she ended the flight with Happy Trails to You, and we all joined in.  She is the daughter of Tom Rogers, Roy and Dale's oldest son. She told us of enjoying a ride on Trigger when she was small and the wonder of having these great folks as grandparents. 
I recently read, and was sad to hear, the Roy Rogers museum in Branson Missouri was closed and the memorabilia was sold off. We visited the museum in Victorville Ca. many years back and I was in heaven. Such a sad commentary that few of us are left who remember this wonderful couple with love and respect for their talent and their lives. They were great role models for many of us.


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You'd be lucky if any of the cops from that era could remember what they did. I'm from the late sixties and seventies but things did not change drastically until DNA, and other new techs. I remember when our lab learned the superglue fuming to raise fingerprints it was like a new world.
You don't have to kill anyone off to move a detective. He could ask to be reassigned for this case if it was special to him. Or the supervisor could re-assign him because of special skills.
You talking about old cops made me think about a guy in our neighborhood. He is in his 90's and was on LBJ's Secret Service detail. He does not talk about his experiences. I wish he did.

Congrats to all the winners.


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In my experience, day shift investigators did original investigations that occurred during their shift and follow-up on those which occurred at night. The size of the department has a lot to do with this. I would imagine in small departments with limited detectives they might be woken up to make a homicide.  In large departments those cases are passed on to the day shift. As a Captain of a shift, I had the choice of using my detectives to work a follow-up case especially on the evening shift.
We had investigators who grew to be specialists in either crime scene work, or follow-up work and to a certain extent they were allowed to choose their shifts.
When I was an investigator my partner and I were almost exclusively follow-up investigators. In Houston we could have as many as 10 new investigations per night. The crime scene guys were spent at the end of their shift and had to be relieved.
Hope this helped some.


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Took my kids to Dogpatch many years ago. I think it is defunct now. Good memory. Had not heard of Jubilation T. Cornpone in years.


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Since I write without an outline or real plan, I let my chapters find their own end. Some are as short as 1,000 words, some have been 3,000. Let the book write itself and it will tell you.


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We don't know each other Paul, but I'm proud to be among winners. Maybe it will rub off. Congrats. Enjoy the accolades for all your hard work.


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Hi Danielle, Hunter, is still posted. Although it's at the editor's now suggestions are still welcome. I fits your criteria. Check it out.

Almost through with Heartless. I think I like it better than the first.

Congrats. Five stars on the first review. Perfection. I know you're are justifiably proud. May this be the first of many.

Congrats. Five stars on the first review. Perfection. Please don't bump your swollen head on anything.LOL


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I love it. Talk about being put in your place.
RIP Yogi.


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Great look on the new website. I shared on my FB page and wish you many good reads and blessed reviews.


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I had that once.  It's the kinnibling pin. I falls off the wabble washer and makes a mess. Open the framus and hook the rubber band back over the whatsit, and you'll be fine.


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Bought them both. Looking forward to the read.


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The moral of ths story, some things are better not questioned and when things are going your way shut up and enjoy it. LOL

I know you will do well on your release.  Keep on keepin on.


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Waving back to standing ovation!  Hi.  I'm Mike. I don't write straight romance, but I include romance in my writing. I'm a retired detective, retired engineering professional.  I review mainly for story, missed words, overused words, and such. Punctuation rules elude me. My book Hunter is complete and still posted.  It is a compilation of Action, love story, police procedural, Christia lifestyle.  I would enjoy anyone reading and commenting.


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Ok, Janet, your shameless marketing worked so I joined.  I read about you flinging books across the room and now I'm scared.  Hunter is  a Christian Lifestyle, Action Adventure, Crime Drama, Love Story.  I got so much goin on you've got to like some of it.  It's posted complete. I'm doing a last read through before I send it to JTP for editing.  Hope you could make it past page 10.

Don Gibson wrote "Oh Lonesome Me", and "I Can't Stop Loving You" on the same day.
A good day for songwriting but could have been a bad day in personal relationships. LOL


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What Tom said.