Norm d'Plume wrote:

Did anyone take any pictures?

If it makes you feel any better, I walked away with a list as long as my arm to get NS in shape! lol big_smile

It's a good list, but man, it's long. And I have reading homework too!!! lol

Norm d'Plume wrote:

Did anyone take any pictures?

Oops. sad

njc wrote:

Y'know, I totally forgot.

Janet's Aussie accent is VERY real.  (Ask her about mercaptans.)

He's not kidding (about the mercaptans)! I had to write a test and everything! big_smile

njc wrote:

Amy, Janet, it was a terrific weekend.  I don't know who got the chocolate, but don't eat it all at once.  Even if it's begging you.

Thanks also to to M.

We shared the chocolates and even though it was really nice chocolates, I couldn't eat it all at once. But it is history now! smile

And I agree, it was a great weekend and really really great to finally meet you guys in person! And M and the kiddos! And thank you for driving all that way too!

I came back to a sick household, and then, just because I'm that kind of a person, I got sick too (again). But we're over it now and all back to normal again!!! smile

njc wrote:

Norm, Elishiva, everyone wished you were there.   K****, you've been designated the Mystery Guest.

Elishiva and I are close enough that we can do this any time. Norm might need a little bit more effort, but who knows?! And K, oh K. Well, we'll hunt him down at a book signing when his famous one day! But he's not going to get away!!!!


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Norm d'Plume wrote:

Cool. Now I can teach my whole audience of three remaining reviewers when I post in this forum. :-)

Who's the other one? lol

Welcome seabrass! I just peek in every now and again to make sure that *looks at Dirk* some people behave. This is definitely a great group!!!

Okay, so world domination is on schedule!!! I'm on my way at the moment big_smile


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njc wrote:

Over the last few days I have had a creeping BFO*: I need to pay more attention the weaknesses of characters I'm going to bring in than to their strengths.  I have to figure out just how to work with this.

*Blinding Flash of the Obvious

I need some of that.... Heaps! smile


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Norm d'Plume wrote:

Just bought my sixth ($%?&*!) book on Revelation. The first was Protestant and I need a Catholic interpretation. The second gives four major viewpoints for interpreting Revelation, but is too generic (neither entirely Catholic or Protestant). The next two are Catholic, but are incomplete and confusing. Book number five is also Catholic, is beautifully written and researched, but comes at Revelation from a less common point of view (i.e., that most of Revelation was already fulfilled in the 1st century after Christ's death and the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Only events surrounding the Second Coming are left to be fulfilled. Unfortunately, many Catholic scholars think this point of view, while not incorrect, isn't mainstream. Finally (last try), I bought another highly rated book that I'm going to read over Christmas. It's no wonder there is mostly Protestant information about Revelation on the internet. Catholics can't agree on a particular interpretation. Anyway, my new novel will be based on either book five or the new one, if it's any good.

I can only imagine what google recommends for you Dirk! lol big_smile

Hope this last book is the one! smile


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amy s wrote:

I've talked to her on the phone. She has a cool accent. Eh, you just live in Canada, eh.

lol! Your accent is awesome! big_smile


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Kdot wrote:

pfft... just because you guys have a lot of cool spiders doesn't get you the title of sexy accent

lol tongue

Happy 2018 everyone!!!! smile

Kdot wrote:

Don't give them a day together or there'll be world conquest or something

I think that ship has sailed.... tongue big_smile wink

njc wrote:

What days?  If Amy's up to it I might be able to join you for a day.  (Amy, I want you and Janet to have a whole day together.)  (And if you're not up to it, I'll understand.)

Friday January 12
Saturday January 13

I'm flying back on the Sunday. And I'm staying in the La Quinta Perrysburg.

I missed this!!! Love it! big_smile


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Kdot wrote:

QA isn't a main. Imagine having her in every Joseph chapter chattering away

With a sexy Aussie accent? Can't imagine anything better! tongue

E. Free wrote:

Janet! You're alive! smile My writing has lagged behind quite a bit, but I'm hoping to kick it into gear this coming year, between work and classes. Glad to see you back.

Seattle? I'm literally only a few hours away from there. big_smile

I'm glad to see you're still around and alive too!!! Tell me about work and real life (I have no idea how Amy does it....)!

I'm really hoping to get some traction over my time off. Hope you get your backside in gear to in 2018!!! smile

amy s wrote:

I'm hanging about and just posted my first chapter in a month or so. Maybe two months. But my energy is a lot better on maintenance chemo, and I'm going to start writing at the local library. Kind of assigned office, where I'll take the same approach that I did with my master's thesis. Step by step, I'll get it done.

Amy, you're rocking this chemo thing! *fist-bumps*

amy s wrote:

Dictates of Faith (about Alda, Jaylene, and Tazar) is morphing into something different than expected, but I'm following this thread until I rewrite this version.

If you need a beta reader, you know how to find me, right?!!! It sounds awesome. Because it was already awesome. Not sure how you can make it awesomer, but I want to read it!!!

amy s wrote:

And I have Friday blocked off for hanging out with you. Saturday, we can swim my kids and give you a chance to meet them. You are going back to Seattle on Sunday, right?  I can't wait!

You've got it! I've booked the hotel and have a car and everything. I'll send you the detail this weekend!

Who else wants to join us?!!!

njc wrote:

Gee, Janet, I hope your dad does okay.  That's a real rough spot.

He's just about to go in for prepping. Spoken to him, he's emotional as one can imagine. But I'm hopeful it will turn out well.

How's New Jersey?!!

Norm d'Plume wrote:

Aussie! Welcome back. As promised, you are a mass murdering robot in my book. You run Acme, Inc., a firm founded by the Professor that holds a monopoly on all tech manufacturing, including a coconut powered time machine.

I run a company?!!! A bad-ass company! And we have coconut powered time machines! How clever (if I may say so myself...), coconuts are everywhere! big_smile

Norm d'Plume wrote:

However, for various reasons, I've decided not to publish the book until after I write and publish a totally different story about the rise of the Antichrist within the Catholic Church. The book summary for it is on the last page of my thread.

I'll have to check it out. This may be too close to the truth though.... If we don't hear from you again, we'll come looking for you under the Pope's dress! [hopefully I'm not offending anyone here....let me know and I'll edit my post But Dirk made me do it!]

Kdot wrote:

Hi, new person

Wow, K, I can almost FEEL the excitement in your reply! smile Or was that wit? Probably wit. big_smile

Hope you're doing well!


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njc wrote:

I have a new idea on how to get Pausonallie and Merran out of the porn-spell theater.

I return to TNBW to check in on your guys, and this is what I read first...... yikes

What. The. Hell. njc! big_smile

Hey guys!

I am still alive! smile How are you all doing?! What is news? Did you miss me (a little)? I'm good with fibs and white lies! smile I miss you guys...

On this side, I think I'm finally settling in in the States. Sort of. It's been busy with work (lots of work - at one stage I was doing 3 major projects with a bunch of smaller ones thrown in the mix just to keep me busy over weekends as well - industry standard is 1 major project per person or 3-5 smaller ones.... I always suspected managers can't count!) and life in general and I just didn't have the time for TNBW (and I'm still pissed at the shite membership that is basic) and editing NS. How is this for a run on sentence? Do you remember all of a sudden why you were actually glad that I went quiet?! tongue big_smile wink

Yes, NS is still ongoing. And I'm still writing like the wind.... I'm about to start revising Ch20 tomorrow. lol Looking forward to a bit of time off over Christmas to make a dent in the damn thing. I think it's better than before, much better actually. But then again, I'm the ever optimist! big_smile But the move to the States didn't do my writing any favours.

Work is going better - I got a new job (same company). I'm travelling more, and things are picking up, but it's not 50hr weeks and every other weekend anymore. So there's that. And I'm in Amy's vicinity second week of January.... I'm going to meet Amy!!!! Accommodation is booked for the extra weekend and everything. big_smile

Husband and kids are also doing well! And the dogs. smile Our visa has been extended for another 2 years just last week. So we'll be visiting Canadia soon to get the new visa 'stamps' in our passports.

My dad isn't doing too well. He's booked for another heart procedure early next week - he has an aneurysm and they need to replace a good part of his aorta. They've been looking at ways to avoid open heart surgery, but no can do. Otherwise the family is going well.

njc, how is your health going these days? And the sorcerers and writing and stuff? Are you still tinkering with electronics?

K, K, K.... I miss your wit (and your charts, sort of, hehehehe)! Hope it's going well with your books and writing! And your secret squirrel stuff. big_smile

Dirk, are you still around? How are you doing? And your writing?! And that Aussie bitch queen AI? I hope she's still rocking it! Please tell me she's still rocking it!

Amy, when am I going to buy your books?!!! And I'm hoping you're kicking some real life butt too! But we'll catch up in person soon, and much quicker than I can type! big_smile

Everyone else? Who's still around?!

I'll check in again tomorrow and hope to hear from you!

Have a good night!

Janet xx

amy s wrote:

OK, folks.

Here is the skinny on Team Sonoda

Hard to read, but even harder to write. I've got ovarian cancer. Surgery is Tuesday. At that point, I find out the staging. Then I can make plans about how much longer I will have to finish this damn book of mine. If it is the most common form of cancer, then I am eligible for IV chemo AND peritoneal chemo, which drastically increases the amount of time that I can pick on you guys and wreck your plots. That is the scenario that I'm hoping for. (Wrecking plots included)

So I'll be out of commission on Tuesday and Weds. Thursday, I might have it in me to pick up the phone and text an update. Until then, there will be a dearth of reviews from me.

Wish me luck.

Feel free to insult me during my absence.  You know I like it when you guys care. Feel free to make an insult-chain rather than a prayer chain.

And I already let it be known that I will cover my hairless scalp with a pussy-hat. Just out of spite. I may even sew on some bangs so that it looks like I have hair.

Maybe a tiara on the pussy-hat. Or is that too much?

Love you guys,

You better stick around to pick on and wreck each and every plot of my next 6 books (7 total). And you better stick around to see your name in my first ever published book. Or else I'm going to go over there, take your tiara and slap you silly on your pussy-hat, repeatedly. And don't even think of not finishing your books!!!!!! No way, not an option!

Truth be told, I really think K needs you more than me though. And then njc. And then Dirk. They know it's true, but they'll never admit it. So it'd be really good if you could keep that in mind too! wink smile

But deep down inside I think you've got this! Nothing you can do until you know more. Stressing about it is human, but it won't change the outcome. You'll be in my thoughts the whole Tuesday. And will be checking all communications for the update.

Go and get this SOB!!!!!

Lots of hugs Amy!!!!!!!

amy s wrote:

We miss you. Revise, and then revise again. Push forward on book 2. I'm so proud of you!

Could not have done it without you guys! Plan is to do the final revision after I'm done with book 2. That'll be more than enough time to give it a rest and be able to look at it with new eyes. smile

And I'm getting super excited about book 2. I already have the outline in my head. Just need to get #1 done and get the new stuff on paper! smile

amy s wrote:

(FYI, it might be time for another phone call. We need to check in with each other at least once a year!)

In that case, we're behind. We passed the two year mark in the States a week or so ago! The next two weekends are going to be crazy, but I'll let you know when things are quiet and I can talk without any chances of being cut short. Really looking forward to that!!!!

I'm still following C's progress on FB. You and Mr S are doing great!

njc wrote:
Janet (AJ) Reid wrote:
Norm d'Plume wrote:

Are you planning to post your latest revision of NS, Janet?

Not at the moment, Dirk. Plan is to do the revision, let it rest while I start with book #2. I'll post that one again for reviews.

And you have peace from my pestering you about participles.

Not yet. The dreams at night are still vivid! big_smile