supercoolfaroutpeachyneatandkeen. If that doesn't work how about shitdamnfuckhellcrap!

After a full day of writing - and doing laundry, dishes, cooking, the vacuuming, and having more than once drinks of rum and coke, I find this conversation still hilarious. I adore men and all that the title ensues. I believe in chivalry, and my heart flutters when a man holds a door for me. And yet I'm writing a trilogy where the main character, hero, and in fact the strength of society, is female. I am a woman, a redneck, and a horseman. (well, horsewoman) And I am following this thread with joy in my heart and a bowl of popcorn!

Write On my fellow scribes!


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I feel your pain all the way over here in Texas! I run a backup on an external hard drive about once a week, or after I've been doing a bunch of work on one of my books. I also have every book on a thumb drive. I so hope you get your documents back. I got dismissed from a school, not asked back to sub, when I questioned the use of computers and totally giving up books and hard copies. It's not if the computer crashes, it's when. And the big systems like in schools can too easily be hacked!

Write On! (after a tall cool glass of your favorite beverage!)

Vern, you are hysterical!

Okay, I'll jump into this one. Why is it okay for women to wear men's clothes, but not so much when men try to wear women's clothes?


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Hi folks. I've been a member of TNBW for eons, well maybe just a few years, and I'm stretching my wings in yet a new genre. I've read some fantasy and a bit of Sci-fi, and I had an inspired idea a couple years back. One of my local critique partners likes to wear gaudy costume jewelry (and she rocks it) and one day she wore a big heavy ring with a gigantic pearl. This whole story flooded into my brain in one big whoosh from start to finish almost like remembering a good movie. So I went home and outlined it, did a bit of research, and wrote it for NaNoWriMo. Then I set about fixing it. I've been revising for quite a long time, and finally have it ready for fresh eyes. I have tough skin and I'm open to all sorts of critique to include your gut reaction.

I warn you, though, this is way out there in terms of the characters and my little world. Which is why I chose this group. I'm hoping that you can help me with this story. By the way, no sex, none what so ever, especially LGBT. Did I catch your interest?

Please check The Jewel of Veenah. I'm posting chapters pretty quickly and trying to get the edits done as fast as possible. I really want to get this story finished.
And someday, I might learn how to post a link to my story in these forums.

Thanks tons,
Mrs Piddles


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Welcome Iris! I agree with everyone above. This is a fantastic place to polish your writing. And 'Awesomeness wrapped in incredible' is just about right. Although some critiques can feel harsh, trust me - those critiquers see the awesome potential and only hope to help. Even when I disagree with someone's opinion, I learn from them. You never have to fear rejection in here. Take what you need for your piece, and file the rest away. I eagerly look forward to reading your work. I'm stepping out on a limb and writing fantasy for the first time.
Write On!


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How about 'piddly-squattin, no-account, piss-ant'. Heard it on "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" movie, but heard it much of my life in Texas. Never heard it anywhere else.


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I can't think of any right now, but yours are really cute. Did you invent those?

I think you did find. I wouldn't take that from anyone. If they don't want folks to share their successes and other announcements, then what the heck is their use? I applaud your response and support your decision to not renew. Personally, I think you held great restraint. smile


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I just read "To Hell With You Witch". Wow! I can see how you won with it. Good job. Congratulations.


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Yay! Proud of you! I have to say that marketing has been a challenge for me as well. I know a lady who writes historical fiction and she is known for setting up a sales table at local museums. She usually sells out - about a hundred I think. Two big boxes. I like to sit at the feed stores and I do book fairs all over the place. If you were in Texas I'd suggest Texas Authors Assn. The founder does all the leg work finding book fairs.

I'll get a Kindle copy.
BTW, I'm back on, too. An out of this world YA this time. No horses, can you believe it?

Write On!


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My hunky heros are draft horses. My MC is a petite woman and my genre is more on the literary side of romance. Does that count? Of course I'd reciprocate on my website.



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Sounds like some sort of virus. I had to take my computer into the geeks to have it removed. The thing gets installed when you click on a picture on facebook which has been infected. Nasty things. I got Malware installed on my computer and I haven't had any trouble since. I'd get it checked pretty quick, it can slow your computer so bad it will start crashing. Mine did. And I'm not sure if someone can't get into your private stuff with some of that. Of course I don't have anything to hack, but I got rid of it anyway.

Sol, I don't know if you can look on my page where the quickies are, but I got a really weird message. Someone wants to be my close friend and wants me to look at her photos! Can you delete this thing and maybe block the one who did it?

Has anyone else had something like this?

Mrs Piddles


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Though we're not really supposed to ask people to look at our work specifically, I'm thinking that if I don't really advertise, I won't get many lookers. I'd really love a bit more feedback from actual horse people - or at least animal people. I write horses - and the lives of the humans surrounding them of course. My series, The Black Pony, is on Amazon and doing well. Now I'm working on a story which involves an older main character. Savannah Conway is sixteen years old and has everything - litterally. The original poor little rich girl. But she doesn't have her mother's approval. Savannah wants to train horses and find her own friends, her mother wants her to follow the strict path to the Miss America title - which she herself took first runner up before becoming an A-list movie star. Right now the book has 31 chapters and about 65K.

My biggest need at this point is overall first impression. Does the plot flow or is it too busy. Are the characters and actions realistic. I will have an editor go through this with a fine tooth comb to work out the comma errors and other such stuff, but I will listen to every word you tell me.

Oh, yeah, I reciprocate.

If the spirit moves you, the story can be found: … aras-21405
(I think that will work) The title is Belt Buckles and Tiaras

Thanks Loads,
Mrs Piddles


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As Mike said, chapter length varies. If you are on the point system, it costs you more to post a longer chapter - thus you must read more to gain those points. But reviewers who are looking for points will be more attracted to higher points. It does take time and effort to do an in-depth review of a longer piece, but if the piece is anything like your Star of Hope, the longer chapter will be read and reviewed happily. I usually steer clear of the longer chapters because I often go into great detail, but I recently flew through 5K without noticing it. The short story was that good. Check out 'To Make The Darkness Flee' by Mike Jackson - it scores 10 on the creepy scale. I loved it and I'm not drawn to that sort of thing! Mike Roberson's 'Hunter' is also great.


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Welcome to the site. I hope you'll learn as much in here as I have. It's better than going to university for a 4 year degree.

I wonder if my Big Hearts would qualify, since it doesn't really fit the format of a regular romance? I got a bite on one of my query letters. The agent asked for a full three days after I sent the query. But I'm open to any chances.

Write On


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heather cordray wrote:

how can friends and family link to my stories?  or is this only for people that are on the site?

Heather, only people who are registered can read the content. I believe there is still a free period of time. I had a couple of friends who joined free last year so they could read my novel, but they never upgraded as far as I know. There used to be a 'read only' membership. You could message Sol and find out.


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Does anyone know anything about  I found a link through Twitter and it looks interesting. Of course it's nothing like TNBW. From what I could see it's more of a reader sight with an opportunity to epublish. I'm still a fan of CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle. Just wondered if there's any other info about these guys.  They have a 14 day free trial then $7/mo.



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This sounds interesting. A cool opportunity to learn how to pitch from someone I actually trust. I take it you'll only publish articles which are worthy? Also who is the audience and how will the articles be delivered?


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I didn't send in my tax information for quite a while. When I finally got a tax number I sent it in and now I buy my books tax free. Of course I have to charge tax when I sell them, and then pay quarterly - which is due right now. You know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I do hate paperwork, but it was fun selling books this month.

Don't be afraid to give your info to CreateSpace, they're okay.

Write On!


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mylilyrose wrote:

Sorry if this isn't exactly the right thread for this question.  All of the answers I find online are different.  If I wrote a poem about stars, and I wanted to use Van Gogh's Starry Night as an illustration for it,  is that allowed?  I know there are tons of images on the internet which say they are protected by copyright, and you have to obtain permission,  but what about famous pieces of art such as that. You can't ask Van Gogh.  I published a poetry book just for myself,  not to sell,  and I wrote to the Vatican because I used one of their angel pictures.  They wrote back and said yes.  But if I wanted to publish to sell, I don't want the art police at my door.
Sorry if this is a stupid question,  but all of  the google sites give different answers.

Hi, LillyRose, first, you can always click the button at the top of the forum messages and start a new thread. Second That is in no way a stupid question. It's a great question. I don't have the answer. However I've been trying to obtain permission to use song lyrics in my book Big Hearts. I finally gave up on waiting for an answer, I'll either rewrite, or let an agent deal with it (which they do)

However, I did call the copyright people and asked them directly. I got a form to mail to the copyright owner and the woman I spoke to explained how I could search for that owner in the database. It took time, I didn't have fun. Anyway, here's the number I called (202) 702-3002. It's on the copyright dot gov site. They are really friendly. I've called them several times.

Good luck!


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Janet Taylor-Perry wrote:

Wow! You just stoked my ego. Thank you.

I agree about the quality of Createspace's actually printed material. AND if there is an issue, they will replace the books at no cost to you.

I also do conferences, workshops, readings, conventions, etc. & have done well with sales at those events. I've started small and have only done events in-state, but I hope to branch out in the near future.

Thanks a ton, Janet. It's been my dream for decades to do a conference. Do you talk about self publishing or your writing process? By the way, in my local writing group, one of the ladies works at Barns and Nobel and she got all excited when I told her you were on this site. She's read your books and ordered them for customers.

Write On