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Though we're not really supposed to ask people to look at our work specifically, I'm thinking that if I don't really advertise, I won't get many lookers. I'd really love a bit more feedback from actual horse people - or at least animal people. I write horses - and the lives of the humans surrounding them of course. My series, The Black Pony, is on Amazon and doing well. Now I'm working on a story which involves an older main character. Savannah Conway is sixteen years old and has everything - litterally. The original poor little rich girl. But she doesn't have her mother's approval. Savannah wants to train horses and find her own friends, her mother wants her to follow the strict path to the Miss America title - which she herself took first runner up before becoming an A-list movie star. Right now the book has 31 chapters and about 65K.

My biggest need at this point is overall first impression. Does the plot flow or is it too busy. Are the characters and actions realistic. I will have an editor go through this with a fine tooth comb to work out the comma errors and other such stuff, but I will listen to every word you tell me.

Oh, yeah, I reciprocate.

If the spirit moves you, the story can be found: … aras-21405
(I think that will work) The title is Belt Buckles and Tiaras

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I'll be reading on soon, just been so hectic at home.