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Michelle8 wrote:

I started to create an account on Createspace and was asked to provide tax info including my bank account number, etc. Is that normal? I found it a little disconcerting, but as I've said, I'm new to this.

I'm always hesitant when a site asks for bank info, but Createspace is legit and safe to use.

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I didn't send in my tax information for quite a while. When I finally got a tax number I sent it in and now I buy my books tax free. Of course I have to charge tax when I sell them, and then pay quarterly - which is due right now. You know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I do hate paperwork, but it was fun selling books this month.

Don't be afraid to give your info to CreateSpace, they're okay.

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Another perhaps silly question. What font would work best on create space? I read somewhere to try Garamond, but its seems a bit too pale. Times New Roman seems to stuffy. I'd love any input. Thanks!!!!!!

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Messaged you, Michelle

I prefer Times New Roman. Just do not use something that is sans serif. Capital I's and lowercase L's look the same.