I don't quite get that either.  The trip through the wormhole will not be in ordinary space-time, more of a blip from here to there, -I think-.  At this point, I think you can explain it with whatever handwavium will work best.  Perhaps the ship travels in a bubble that keeps the wormhole outside?  An enclosed anti-wormhole?

See the article I linked.  Just four, one of space and three of time.

Look up General Relativity, which out-weirds everything but Quantum Mechanics.  Oh, but wait! https://phys.org/news/2020-04-relativit … icism.html

Skip the Filbert Flanges and the Grapple Grommets.  Go with a Fleistine Fillet and a self-sealing stem bolt.

Whenever someone needs to cuss.

I'm not seeing the problem.  Maybe a cookie/cache thing?

You could name Biblical plagues: Frogs and Locusts!

20th century: soften the enemy up with artillery, then move in.  Future: soften the area up with suicide drones and artillery, then move in.  Same conxerns if you're trying to avoid humanitarian issues, but some sides won't, and some will, sometimes.  WWI and WWII provide examples.  Weapons, other equip.ent, doctrine, and training work together.  I'm thinking now of Perrett's =There's a War to be Won= (US Army, WWII), but it covers everything, not just those issues, and leaves you to draw your own conclusions.


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Or get the second month free ... but is there lagally a way to condition the free-ness of the first month on good behavior?


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If you don't like the 99 cent thing, use 50 or 75 cents.  Or 25 .

I think you mean 'through them'.

Are they bodily present, or only present in sight?  Or some sliding scale?  If you're going to be consistent, you need answers.  (And do they displace air when they slide in and out?)

The angels and demons decide which mortal sees them, and how much of their aspect they see.

Wrong kind of greenery.  And too few lanes!

China, right?

I'd rather take my chances on an Alabama roundabout than in some parts of Detroit or Chicago.

One wonders if the drivers on that circle mean to get somewhere, or if they're just sightseeing.

For fun, check out the long series of ramps and interchanges surrounding Newark Airport on three sides.  Start at the southeast, at Turnpike Interchange 13A and go counterclockwise around to the northeast, at Turnpike Interchange 14/A/B/C.  In that tangle of roughly 100 ramps, someone must have had the job of making sure that you can get from whichever Here to whatever There.  I'm not quite sure a human could do it.

To extend the fun, just north of 14/A/B/C is the Southern Mixing Bowl, a Turnpike self-interchange where three southbound carriageways and three northbound carriageways interchange into two pair of carriageways, one southbound and one northbound in each pair.  These are the Western and Eastern Spurs, which interchange with US 1&9 before going under Express 1&9, the Pulaski Skyway, which floats above the urbanscape like the spine of some fossilized steel dragon.  The two spurs then bend off on their separate routes, meeting again at the Northern Mixing Bowl before meeting Interstate 80.

The Skyway is worth a trip into GoogEarth.

40.150217,-74.095916 , in your favorite satphoto map app.

And 39.940750,-75.009866 .  Three lanes ...

40.832982,-73.861084 , under an elevated subway and above an Interstate expressway ...

40.660972,-73.979989 ... an urban two-laner ...

and 40.673511,-73.969941 , the tangled oval of Grand Army Plaza, and finally ...

40.768135,-73.981600 , Columbus Circle, a five-laner.

Though I think London has the winner, a clockwise outer circle, an anti-clockwise inner circle, and five (?) mini-circles linking the two.

And the US term is "traffic circle", except in Massachussetts, where it's a "rotary".  But the USA has had the bizzarre idea that traffic entering should have the right-of-way, which results in heavy traffic locking up the circle.  So we're starting to see yield sighns on entrances, and a circle so equipped is being called a roubdabout.

The Asbury Park traffic circle grew a set of strange appendages, which were enhanced in recent years by lane markings and barriers to ensure that everyone had to make their lane changes in the same restricted places.  40.225845,-74.037339 , if you want to have a look.

The elevated interchange on the elevated Bruckner Expressway grew out of a tint traffic circle, parts of which are still visible under the triple canopy concrete carriageways: 40.829362,-73.837872 .


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The login timeout is well under an hour.  It used to be longer.


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The timeout does seem shorter.  I can't be sure, of course.


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Related:  "You is ..." was considered the correct usage for the singular into the 19th century.  Some grammar book writer took it upon himself to say otherwise in the name of surface consistecy, and started a movement that destroyed internal consistency.

I'd be happy to see this fixed, but it would be a painful crusade, and quite unnecessary given all the other turmoil our society is in.


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"youse guys"


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Rachel's system works in a place like Florida where the law asserts a strong castle doctrine.  Even then, law enforcement and the prosecuters can make life hard for you.

The sheroff of one Florida county held a press conference a few weeks ago.  Somehow the topic of home invasion came up.  The sheriff said that in Floroda, you can shoot a home invader.  In fact, he encourages you to do so.  It makes things easier for them.


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And get a lawyer on your side.  If you can get a restraining order against them, a judge can punish them for contempt of court without the usual procedural hurdles.

These eagles are like the wizards.  They are limited in what they are supposed to do.