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Ch 1 is revised but not substantially different than before. It's more like, as I go along, that stuff changes. But yeah I don't want to rack up a pile of points yet. Lemme see how I'm doing by the end of the week.

Doncha love how I walk the line between you two? wink

Glad to see you off the pollen John. It's beautiful here in NY. Going to the Yankees vs Red Sox this week with hub. Wanna come? See Cano's  former team continue to kick ass this season while he wallows in Seattle? lol



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Sheesh, I'm working! yikes You've gotta understand how the true artiste doesn't punch a time clock. Or in my case, a true slug waits for a blue moon  to chug away...

Actually Vern, I've been re-writing, reorganizing and adding stuff to the first 14 chs. I reversed position - this time I'm serious !- and decided to mix Genesis's adult and teen years. After so much ruminating and stalling, right? I've been at it every day, so you need to be proud of me for working my ass off, k? wink

Can't decide whether to spend points on posting the redo or wait until I'm past what's already here and just post totally new stuff. Whatcha think? I've got like 200 credits to spend either way.

Speaking of revising until nature takes its course, where the hell is Hamler?

Hey Johnnnn! Wake up and smell the pollen!!!



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Simiiiii!!! big_smile


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John Hamler wrote:

Anyhoo... How's the writing coming along? Seems like we're both in a rut of sorts. Having not published anything in quite the while. Thing is... How best to "hook" a reader here on TNBW? I myself am guilty of perusing somebody's opening chapter and then waiting -hoping- for a stimulating response to my amateur critique. In fact, I think that's how you and I became such goombahs. I probably said some wild-ass shit about your opening chapter and then you came back at me with as much, if not more, sassafras. The rest is history. As they say... smile



Not exactly in a rut, just  40% done. I'm busy editing and revising before I press on. The Gotham online class sort of indirectly shone a light on what I needed to do.

As for how this all got started with us? Yeah, you're absolutely correct - you reviewed CR with some crazy sexist or misogynstic remark and I responded accordingly



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Yah we often go way over a hundred words on these here forum posts, but that's cuz we have so much to say. smile

At least to each other, when the other one is kinda sorta listening. (Even when we've really got nothing to say...)

If not, well, we'll always have Vern, if not Paris.


'Course Bonnie is the queen of bottle slide guitars. I was a huge fan of hers Back In The Day (Still love her, even if she's pop-py now. Hell your band is all popped out, right? And so you can't get all hoity toity about pop music anymore!)
Have a listen to young Bonnie (start at 1:29):

And speaking of pop (and of Vern):

You remember when Michael Jacksom was truly black, don't you? Instead of that ghoulish grayish color he eventually sported, after a million injections and a zillion pills. I've seen photo slideshows of his changing appearance through the 80s and 90s, but while going through his music videos, the plastification of King Michael was ultra-creepy.

Nothing, however, can change the fact that Little Michael was a god, back when I was in middle school...

There, I'm over 100 words, no sweat


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Bette loves her comedy but she is first and foremost a singer. Maybe you remember when she made Johnny Carson cry, singing from her heart (albeit while wearing the goofiest costume on the planet):



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Here's something to brighten everyone's evening:



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Hell is what I want, Vern. Can't use reviews that don't tell me what's wrong, ya know?

Although I always like it when you....

Yeah yeah I know I need to finish. That's the hardest part. Right, John?!??? (Noooo don't ever ever dress like Chaka's drummer! Not even in the backwoods of Tacoma!)



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One hundred words?

When I hear that, I think of this:
http://www.amazon.com/Ill-Teach-Dog-100 … +100+words

Now chew the boot and hold the phone.



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Okay just read your apple story, John.

To which I have this response:



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Yo yo yo I'm sooo sorry - got too caught up in the Gotham class and left my main men hanging here all alone. (It's over now - I'm revising so I can push on.) Will either of you ever forgive me?

John darlin, I'll look at your work tomorrow, I promise. Or maybe later tonight - - you know the bizarre hours I keep. wink

Way way behind schedule with Genesis, Vern. I'm hoping to have more going soon, but I need to revise about a thousand times before posting. (I never can understand people who write any old shit and then post it publicly without even reading it over mad )

Here I thought I'd be 3/4 done by now. Ugh. I suck. yikes



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That was me lol

She did both those songs, btw

How the heck are you, anyway, Vern???



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Saw Bette Midler at Madison Square Garden last Friday. Probably not your cuppa but man, she sure can sing even if she's a little worn around the edges. Hey we all get older, even you.  wink  I had front row seats, natch. 

Here she is, toward the end of the show, with Darlene Love (the security guys were driven about stopping people from taking photographs and videos, so this is the best one I could find on YouTube -  you know I don't watch concerts virtually, when I'm sitting right there!) :



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Hmm I thought I'd responded - sorry, John, didn't mean to diss you...

I've been taking a ten-week online course with Gotham Writers. Some amazing bios in the class - one guy you'd really like who's been in Somalia, the Ukraine, Afghanistan, etc. Young guy with fascinating stories, very literate. I hope he comes to tnbw for a visit so I can introduce you. Two weeks left of the class and then you have my undivided attention again. wink

I got some interesting feedback, which led me to some other ideas on how to approach Genesis more cohesively. Still need a kick in the ass to keep writing though, since I continue to mope about last year.

Plus now it's actually nice out (when it's not raining) - or should I say, not freezing out- so I find it easy to make up excuses not to work. Gotta walk the dog, gotta run done errands, gotta bite my toenails... yikes

So let me see what you've done to Antagony again. I'll look later this week I promise, and no inline, okay?



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Yeah Dirty Love is kinda cool, no quarrel from me about that

Take a listen to this if you haven't already...


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Wayyyy too quiet around here.

Get up offa that thing and get the sprint, for gods sakes


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Max Needs Tina. Period.

Where you been, anyway? Beacon?



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Reviewed you just now.

You've already been locked up for this, right?



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Yo yo I'm on vacation - planned it back in January when it was icy and snowy and I was freezing my ass off. Now I'm camped out the pool, 84 degrees and sunny and breezy here.  Wanna stop by for a frosty one? Oh I forgot you're a-scared! tongue

I'll look at your stuff soon, I promise. Wait, it's sexist? Racist? Violent? Nahhhh, I don't believe YOU could write anything like that...

Saw the new Mad Max. I am in love with Tom Hardy, of course (who isn't? Plus he was my physical model for Eli in CR), but I thought the whole movie sucked. It really needed Tina Turner. Or as Hub said, this was a movie that didn't need to be made.

In other words, you just can't take yourself too seriously...




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I saw Wicked right after it opened in 2003(?) with Menzel and Chenowith. It was awesome, honestly. I read the novel too - loved it as well, even though I think it's close to being fan fiction tongue

I've been revising ch 13 of Genesis, and working on ch 14. Not one of those writers who cranks out a ch a day, you know? I risk incurring Vern's wrath (sigh)...

Stem cell shit - I'm getting infusion three next month. Not dead yet, so I guess it's been a safe procedure, but not noticing any real improvement either. I'm standing more per doctor's orders, and dragging my ass around with a walker more, but I'm still quite Quasimodo-esque when I do so. It's not a graceful or pretty picture sad

Got one kid home from college and I'm about to take her on vacation this week to the beach - she works her ass off, makes her momma proud. The other kid is lost in Brooklyn with her current loser boyfriend - kinda sucks (for her, too,,even if she's too clueless to realize it).

So, you want rug rats or ya wanna stick with Buster II?

Sly pretty much got it right:



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I just realized: TWO weeks???

My word! Widdle Hamler is scared. Maybe he needs a widdle bit of applause...




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Oh such a tease. How WILL I survive the Hamler proximal vibe without the real deal, mono e mono? yikes  sad

Clapton was great but not awesome, compared to his show with Winwood a few years back.

I hate acoustic Layla, especially when he's got a full band AND Derek Trucks AND John Mayer AND Jimmy Vaughn with him. I'm like, wtf? I want them screaming guitars, dammit!

MSG has way better acoustics than Barclays for arena shows, so the sound quality was excellent. Next up is my beloved Bette Midler in June, and the Tony Bennett/Gaga show.


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"What do I do that is simply blissful, you ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, Miss Spirit of Aloha... I partake in post-coital potsmoking."

Mmm, I don't think she's going to be a good sport about this, even though me, I'm laughing out loud. Her review responses to the others talk about wanting to inspire people to embrace Christ through her (very dull) writing. And you talked about Footloose and the hypocrisy of religion? Good grief, that's not her self-described mission! tongue

Listen, if she takes herself so seriously that she can't handle a little banter in her reviews, she shouldn't expose herself to online critiques. I think if she gets huffy with you, she's wrapped as tight as she seems. I honestly don't think you were rude or disrespectful, you were just being you. But you might want to send her a 'quickie' so she doesn't pray that you rot in hell with all the other fallen angels. Or just fugetaboudit.

Definitely not worth losing any sleep over, in any event. Just enjoy the fuckery of whatever you're up to when you're not drumming or farting:



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Tmi, my dear John. Certain bodily functions are best kept as silent as they are deadly.

Now, back to the A-list:

Clapton on Sunday. No one has hooks like his. Be there aloha.



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I can't afford HBO - not a closet hedge fund manager like you!

Remember wheelchair seating is usually down-priced to the cheapest seats in the house, which makes my activities somewhat (but not always) within reach. Otherwise I skip meals to see my artists - A little less fat and a lot more music - appropriate priorities, I'm sure you'd agree.

Busy revising and editing and pushing ahead with ch 14 - how about you?