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This is what I just wrote.

Only one reader, but I don't care I wrote it more for you and me...

https://www.thenextbigwriter.com/postin … logy-23563


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I did write a tribute. It's called Metal Flak.  I wrote it right after I saw the news, and posted it here on Friday. Got a silly review of it from someone who didn't get it....

Yeah you absolutely did turn me on to him.  I saw him twice at the Beacon theatre for solo shows, then reported back to you right here....


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Omg. Chris Cornell just died. No words.


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So I come on to the site and...

No word from Hamler
No word from Vern
Nothing decent to read

I'm like --- wtf??


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Oh my, Vern, I'm so sorry. I hope she recuperates more quickly than you anticipate. That sounds like a horrific accident. I'm relieved that she survived, and hopefully, will suffer no permanent injuries.

Things like this make you appreciate every single day. And how life is always hanging on a string.

Take care of yourself during this process. She must be going through hell, but it's easy to lose yourself while you care for someone else.

Could explain why my husband is constantly absent-minded, ya know??

Take care, my friend, I'm sending healing vibes in your diection through cyberspace...


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I don't see why golf and karaoke can't blend at the same time Vern. Really, I sing to my pup when we walk, why not sing while you swing your club??!! wink


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Vern. I think Hamler's eating too many grits these days to pay attention to his faithful pals...



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Hey Vern, happy belated Fourth, happy political conventions, happy Bastille Day....

Been tied up with depressing family matters and, holy moly, a huge sex abuse scandal at my alma mater prep school -- which unfortunately bears an uncanny resemblance to my novel that I've been writing fir how long(?). So now I have to change things. Genesis is the same age as the real life complainant, Connor coached the same sport as the real life perp, head of school acted the same way as the head of school in real life event....and I'd made all that stuff up! So I've got to make changes again. Meanwhile I got a thumbs up from my CR agent about my synopsis and a request for the still-unwritten full from a second agent. Which means I need to put my personal issues aside real soon and get cracking.  Psi that's my news, which I'm trying to sound upbeat around while surrounded by persons, travails. How about you? Still leaving toilet seats fapping in the breeze?? tongue


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John what the fuk, where are you? You okay?


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Here's the thing: Every lawyer wants to BE Atticus Finch. Including me.

And if people can't appreciate the beauty of Harper Lee's prose in TKAM, well that's just a damn shame. Truly.


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Hey bread baker, wake up and smell the sourdough. Cuz seriously Simisez did a huge thing. Landed a major agent for her Sydney book and now she needs help with titles. C'mon where you at? Waiting for Godot?



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John where the hell are ya??? Simisez is literally begging you for, well, you know.... Wanda needs to share, if you know what I mean...


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Heyyyy look at Simisez's post!!! She landed a top flight agent (the book thief agent for goodness sake omg!!!) - congratulations are in order, everyone!!! Soooo proud and happy for her!!!

Hamler where are you??? Shake up and wake up my friend, look what Simisez's did!!!!!!

We need to help her with titles. How about it??


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I'm too sad to be please by anything right now. She's about to go into a nursing home facility, zoned out now for two weeks and not much positive to report. hmm


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Marley is a good idea, John. Of course I love his stuff - loved Exodus long before he was a household name with the white folk...

Things are pretty grim here. Not much time or inclination to do much besides hospital trips...

Later, mon...



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My mom is in rough shape, seriously rough. No time for anything these past weeks, not even for my usual pissing and moaning.... hmm

I'm feeling dissed, Rhiannon tongue

Sorry corra I just sent this to Hamler and immediately saw your post on the right side of my home page

So..... the first word that comes to mind is really inappropriate and off-topic:

Hope all is well!!


Well if she can't handle a gentle GP she sure as hell cant handle you!!  Rhiannon, your move....

Hey. Butting in here for a moment... Masculine indecency, what, John, are you fucking kidding me? lol

Omg poor Rhiannon, does she know what she's inviting? Dare I warn her?  http://youtu.be/O-UW-boaWAE

Sorry for being an absentee wastrel -- I've got way too much going on here at home. So much bullshit, so little time....

Okay. Now you two can go on back to being nice to each other....

As for me, I'll get to Antagony/Antogony/Antigone real soon, I promise.



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Yeah it was an update wth probably unneeded elucidation, but there you have it.

Blahbedy blah blah blah blah. No more silence, sorry 'bout that.



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Okey dokey, I had a nice PM from Lance, who essentially wanted to know what was going on with me.  So here's my answer, which I'm swiping straight from my reply to him, to update and advise you, John Hamler, and you Vern, and any of the other Hodgers and Podgers who wanna know why I've been such a lazy shitbird lately....


It's been a long three weeks...

MS is an autoimmune disease where, essentially, the body gets its signals wrong and attacks the protective sheaths that cover nerves, instead of attacking, e.g., foreign viruses. So, depending on how aggressive (I.e., how fucked up the messaging gets), you can be pretty okay, where the attacks come and go with minimal effect, or, as in my case, the attacks were relatively mild for the first ten years or so and then got so frequent that the protective sheaths were stripped and the nerves themselves were exposed and damaged. Think of a computer cabled that gets run over by a vacuum cleaner so often that it frays and breaks.

There isn't a cure for this shitty disease. There's no predicting what course it will take. Like I said, some people are almost totally functional. There are disease modifying drugs to slow progression (none worked for me). My doc is driven to cure this disease by developing stem cells that would repair the protective sheaths (called myelin).

So I'm in the clinical trial and have had three stem cell infusions of my own cells, manipulated in his lab with my own blood and then infused via spiral infusion. So far, no real improvement. I have no idea if this was my last one.

Meanwhile, he also wanted me to try another disease modifying treatment, which is a chemotherapy, to calm down the disease in case the stem cell arouses it further. That treatment consisted of two 7-hour IV infusions, administered two weeks apart. I just finished those two IVs, with my stem cell infusion smack in the middle.

So everyone is done messing with me for the moment.

I expect to be more on my game within another week or so, to r&r, and work more on Genesis. For the next few days, I'm going to try to get my energy restored...


Done 'splaining... I can't complain when people are much sicker than me. But wtf, I'm such a whiner, let's face it.



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Lying flat on my back all day, zoned out. I LOVE that movie!

This is me today:


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Okay okay okay, I owe responses, reviews (yeah, John, I see more Antagony up!), and more posts. Par for the course, but I DO have a somewhat valid excuse for my latest breach of etiquette: 8.3 million cells were injected into my spinal cord this morning. I'm exhausted. hmm

But I'm not waking up dead, so it's all good. Maybe the third time's going to be a charm (?)


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