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Yes she's really gorgeous. On the other hand, so is Calise (much as I hate Game of Thrones ugh) -


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I love ridiculous. I love the jersey shore. I love being fucked with. I love the senile...

Oh wait, sorry, I've been watching CNN and the Trump post-Nevada victory speech. Getting a little carried away here! My favorite line? "I love the poorly educated!" Our next President embraces the broadest cross-sections of society, very admirable, doncha think?!



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Edited to add link, hmmmm. It won't open on my iPad, now you're making me go to my laptop. I forgot how vicious you could be wink


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Guess you didn't look at your own thread called "collaboration." Someone's not paying attention!


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Self explanatory topic.


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You did suggest a back-and-forth swap of dialogue in the past. I think it's a pretty funny idea, actually, but we both  know that you and I would invest far more time in that venture, instead of working on our actual projects -- assuming that you still have a project!

What the hell happened to Antagony? What are you doing!?!!?

Are you writing, are you just farting around? (Me, I'm farting around. Especially since it's snowing out, and I'm feeling sorry for myself...)


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OK, Mike Jackson recommended a guitarist named Steve Via. Too intense for me -- more Hamleresque I think...Here is a YouTube link:


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I tried it in a linear fashion, and got smacked down - hard - by both my lovely agent, a work shopping agent, and the editor I used to get client relations ready for submission. That's why I am doing it this way, And suffering!

Did you see I got Mike Jackson to join us here? He's got some music recommendations-he suggested that I listen to a guitarist who's too hard-core for me, hence a lot more your style. I'll put up the link in a second.

As for your writing my dialogue? Are you fucking crazy?!!? You think I'd trust Travis's dialogue to a guy who refused to meet me when he was in New York because he was too scared of a woman in a damn wheelchair!?????!!! lol


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Both are under Genesis, pubbed as version 2


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Ch 2 is up too. Grab some easy points, you can just say blah blah blah fifty times if you want wink


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Okay version 2 of ch one is up...


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Okay excellent! I just reactivated my paying membership...

Putting up new ch 1 of Genesis today.

Feeling okay, thanks. We've got typical February gray shit, so, no, ain't spring yet for another couple of months hmm

I'm a political junkie, as is Hub, so there's lotsa swearing going on over here at my house, esp re new Supreme Court vacancy. Obama should just appoint ME, and if the republicans objected, I'd just run em over.

Glad you and Yoko are hitting it off so well big_smile


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1. Became an Elvis impersonator in Vegas
2. Moved to Iceland
3. Baking bread with Yoko
4. Fork lifting republicans
5. Sucked into his x-box

I mean, wtf, what happened???????


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For some reason, the website isn't giving me any notifications that you're posting anything on our board. It's a bummer, because I don't know when you're here. So, are you still around? How's the band? How are you?

I've been getting my blood drawn for the next stem cell infusion-50 vials, every week for five weeks. I'm a bloodless soul as usual. But I have been writing,  too....

I've rewritten and rewritten chapters 1, 2 and 3 about a million times. Does that sound familiar?!!

I'll post my redo of chapter 1 on the site if you want.

Happy Valentine's Day! smile


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Hey there young un, yeah it's been wayyy too long! I missed you!! yikes It's almost 3 am here so I'll catch up on all the news that ain't fit to print mañana....


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I think he's in a John Lennon bread baking husband/father mode right now - ya gotta go with the flow, buddy


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More clips

Lotsa virtual concert goers who experience shows through their screens. I'm not one of them... But I appreciate the recordings


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I was in the front row (one row ahead of this guy) and a tad to the left, maybe ten feet away from Chris. I was tempted to jump onto his lap, but it might have messed up his guitar playing...


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Course I know that, darlin' - hence the shout out for crying out loud
It was a good show, btw, but to be honest I preferred what he did last time in 2013. More high energy then; he's gotten a bit mellow for me wink


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i'm at the Beacon theater tonight John, to see Chris Cornell. Wish you were here!


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Omg I'm laughing my ass off!

So much for heavy metal my friend!

So what do I do, use my 200 points to repost everything? I dunno... I always spend a lot of time fine-tuning before I post anything, but I'm in the midst of moving on. (All I need is an excuse, like re-reading and fixing up before I post here, to avoid writing new stuff.)

Got through the scene where adult Genesis meets up with an older but not saggier Connor Sanchez for the first time - that was really hanging me up. Well, let's face it, it was only one of a thousand things hanging me up. Er, a million things.

I haven't been on the site to r&r anyone either - bad bad GP - but since I'm the baddest cat in the whole damn town, you should expect nothing less from me. Or nothing more. Whatever. wink

Okay, honestly, I don't know why what I just wrote brought this song to mind:



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Been rewriting, my friend, now I'm at another big juncture (oy, to quote Simi)

So tell me, whatcha been up to all summer?


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Linda heyyyy!

I see you've got some new work posted - I'll get on it when I get home next week, okay?



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I think the aliens took Hamler and ate him for dinner.

Here are a few decent articles re POV:



https://davehood59.wordpress.com/2011/0 … ort-story/


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Hey Vern,

So this is what I think re third pp POV:

I think you can certainly take on more than one POV, but a short story is a tough place to do it because it sounds more like head hopping.

In a novel or novella, you have more time and space to do it. Different chapters, or different parts of the book, can have the other POVs. But there, you've got 45k to 90k words to play with. In a 5k word story, it just gets too confusing.

In Vibro, you've got a fun character and can easily stay in his head as third pp limited, without reverting to first pp at all, but switching from his POV to the journalist's feels like ping pong to me. In third pp limited, stuff can happen away from him, but you just can't get into his head until events occur that involve him.

Of course, you could try first pp and actually BE Vibro man, which would require you to switch the tape and try singing some new tunes.  Might be kinda fun for you, ya know?

I'm with you, regardless! (Not doing the contest -- Genesis is my full time priority right now, even though I'm at the beach this week...). You have my vote, unless my first true virtual love Hamler enters, in which case I will be torn asunder between the two of you yikes: wink