The writer is not comfortable with English. The review itself is odd, with no real detail, as if the 'reviewer' never actually read anything, but just pasted in something generic. I'll be on the lookout, to see if something similar shows up on my stuff. Could be one of those trolls you hear about.


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As another 'old' member, I say welcome to TNBW! I, too was nervous, back in '09, when I joined, and put my first story out. But I must say, it was the best move I ever made. I've learned so much from writers here; their input has been awesome. So... buckle up and have some fun!


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In answer to the other question: You can refer to me as 'Maggie Banks, author of Twisted to the Right and Children of Nineveh.' Just so you know, I have started over with a new publisher for Twisted (the other publisher died, and before I could re-engage with more editing and getting into marketing, my husband had a stroke. Everything stopped.)  I'll have more information on my re-launch in the next few months.


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Let me send you an email, and see if that works. I wasn't aware there had been a problem. Thanks for the heads-up.


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Think you might have asked me at another time - can't remember, but if you would like an acknowledgement, I'd be happy to provide one. You have my email address, and I have yours!

For the first time since being on the site, I won't be able to submit something. However, I am now a full-time caregiver for my husband, with no spare time to write. It feels weird not having a submission. Good luck to everyone! I look forward to reading, at least!


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I asked the same question in another thread regarding the above discussion on what I now know to be a faux connection request. Glad Sol is on top of the problem. TNBW should be spam-less.


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Perhaps it's a Sol function... HE has super powers. Said with tongue in cheek.

Sol... I have a connection request from someone called Laranice, only to find this person is not listed. How do I get rid of the notification? Thanks.

Congratulations to the winners! Mike-dude, good on ya!


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Hey, Max! Thanks for the update. Wish I lived on the west coast. I can appreciate the painful process of moving house, and know you're relieved to be established once again. Hoist a hot cup o'joe for me. When my husband's mobility improves, we want to travel. Seattle is on the list! You have my email, so keep in touch!

Nothing heard, but should be hearing something soon. The 1-month deadline was last Friday.

As far as I know, nothing has been posted. For the last one, it took over a month before we saw an announcement. So... it may be another two weeks, what with Thanksgiving, and people traveling.


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I agree with Dill. No matter who reviews and offers suggestions, it's still your call. Write it in your voice and your image, I say.


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Oooh. Poetry. Ick. I'll turn it into a fuzzy navel. Husband says I'm a cheap date, so... I'll start pouring.


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Best to write drunk, rather than tired. That gives me an idea... yes, there is peach schnapps left, after all. Excellent. wink


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It's best to look at that list AFTER the first draft. The same thing was happening to me. So, rather than be paralyzed by fear, I wrote from the heart. It IS an excellent guideline while editing, however.

Thanks, guys. Wonder what's next... wink


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Welcome back! When you're ready to post, I'm ready to review. My latest WIP is a YA paranormal, so Light of Cymru might suit your fancy. Talk to you soon!


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Gacela's suggestion is a good one. There probably are members who have been burned in the past, and conversely, had great experiences. I'd like to know the good ones, and whether or not I'm being over-charged. Of course, knowing the going rate would be useful. Who could tell me?


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Wear a bib, just so the powdered sugar won't mess up that tux. Congratulations, Paul!

Try Light of Cymru. YA/paranormal mystery

Those essay bits were priceless. I'm glad someone is preserving them somehow. Those kids are geniuses! I loved them all.

Not sure. I'd better get to re-reading through my collection and find out. A Brit friend of mine has a '62 Jag, like Morse's, and is in the process of restoring it. Doing all the work himself. Lot of work, but so worth it when he's done. I'll get to ride in it, maybe. Someday. I hope.

You are always welcome. I look forward to that visit.

Endeavour is very good. Lewis is as well. But... there was only one John Thaw. Found The Wench is Dead as hardback. And read it in a pub-style library (mine) and drank a home-brewed stout while reading. Perfect evening.