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Topic: Omniscient third person.

Hi all,

I'm looking to get a small poll of narration POV opinions. My current work, a humourous YA, is written in what I think is omniscient third person.  I am receiving great in-line reviews, (By that I mean loads of nits to sort.) and thanks to you all, I'm slowly chasing the nits away. However not all reviewers like this. Is this because they/you are writers who have particular styles or is it because it's frowned upon? 

My narrator who hangs over the protag, I feel, is needed to point-out the funny things / facts that the protag may not be aware of, and more importantly he knows things that the inhabitants of their lands will never know. But on that same note, I think I have over used his voice and have cut back.

As an example, Terry Pratchett uses this Omni 3rd POV to great effect.  Not all seem to like the narration of the author, others seem to read through and seem unhindered.
I feel, looking back over my previous versions, that since cutting back on the godly narrator the humor has been diluted somewhat.

I'm at a quandary what to do as I respect these authors/reviewers very much. What to do?
Oh i have found an interesting article where someone in a similar boat has questioned this. It can be found here:
http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthr … tchett-way

http://www.thenextbigwriter.com/posting … tiny-21946



Re: Omniscient third person.

Go with your gut. For all the good intent and expertise of reviewers there is always a natural inclination upon their behalf to have you write the piece the way they would have written it.

If you are happy with your style and voice, then discard advice on that score and retain advice upon grammar and premise.

Re: Omniscient third person.

I agree with Dill. No matter who reviews and offers suggestions, it's still your call. Write it in your voice and your image, I say.

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Re: Omniscient third person.

I agree also. There have been times when I might inadvertently slip into 3PO, but once pointed out, I change it. If I want to be in 3PO, then I do it and ignore any nits pointing it out.

Every author has a writing style. If you don't, then what makes your stories remarkable?


Re: Omniscient third person.

David, they say three is a charm. So, make it 4! Write the story. I also write in 3rd person omniscient. Just get the thing finished. Then worry about rewrites and edits.

Re: Omniscient third person.

Consistency is the key. You shouldn't switch back and forth from one form of POV to another. And while that might be deemed a "writing style," it's not one an editor would likely accept. I've been there.

Re: Omniscient third person.

Thanks all, I guess it's a lack of confidence and the desire to produce something worth while. I so wish I'd found writing 30 years ago, I'd be much further up the track. "Could'a-would'a-should'a."

I must re-iterate my thanks to the reviewers who have reviewed me so far. I know as I return the favour i'm getting a bargain.

My thanks to you all.


Re: Omniscient third person.

Each PoV is a tool, and most tools have problems they work well for and problems they work poorly for.  You fill in the blanks.

Re: Omniscient third person.

njc wrote:

Each PoV is a tool, and most tools have problems they work well for and problems they work poorly for.  You fill in the blanks.

Thanks, appreciate your opinion.