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Topic: Looking for books to review

Since I'm new to the site, I'm looking for books to review. On the old site, there used to be tag words which helped look for stuff. Now I find it kind of find it difficult to wade though the stories.

I'm looking for stories that are clean without overly sexual scenes (one or two are fine, but no erotica), nothing with too much cussing as I find a lot of cussing detracts from the story and ruins it or me, and no paranormal or occult of any kind.

Mystery, Crime, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Christian, Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy. I like all kinds of genres.

And books with the point system only. Any suggestions will help. Thanks. smile

Re: Looking for books to review

I suggest casting your net wide and then narrowing it down.  You'll be reviewing chapter by chapter, anyway.  I'm tempted to spill my own list of writers I watch for, but no ... I review stories I like because I don't trust my judgement on stories I don't.

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Hi Danielle, Hunter, is still posted. Although it's at the editor's now suggestions are still welcome. I fits your criteria. Check it out.

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Try Light of Cymru. YA/paranormal mystery

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You had to spoil the mood, C. wink  Okay, if you can take the sort of magic that occurs in modest amounts in better fantasy, Seabrass has a good one going.  I've got one in an early stage, with a lot of parts scattered under two book headings.  Some of it really needs work, other parts are almost passable.  Amy_s has a wonderful group of linked novels in various (but very good) conditions.  It does involves attacks from The Three Hells and a few coarse imprecations (which Amy is removing) about a god's glowing manhood.

Why not read a few chapters that are on display here, see what you like, and see what other reviewers have said, and what you can  contribute?

It is polite, upon receiving a review, to reciprocate if you can, so in doing reviews you are inviting reviewers, too.

Re: Looking for books to review

Thanks for the suggestions. A lot like you, njc, I want to review stories I like because I don't trust myself to be able to give a unbiased helpful review on stores I don't like.
Thanks Mike, Hunter has drawn my eye so I'll take a look.
Ceridwen, thank you for the suggestion, but I just don't like paranormal, magic, or other gods type stories. They're just not my cup of coffee.

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Re: Looking for books to review

If you completely exclude both Fantasy and Romance, you'll narrow things considerably.  Randall Krzak has a thriller going.  His style is still developing.  Alkemi does mysteries.

Where do you draw the line between Fantasy and Science Fiction?  C. J. Driftwood's story qualifies, I think as Commercial Fiction even though it has paranormal overtones.  KHippolite's connected stories are science fiction (even the so-called Romances) but you may find them more god-world like than your taste allows.

Join a couple of likely groups and read the discussions; it will give you a sense of how the authors approach their stories.

Postscript: Knighthawk has a noir-humor thriller going.  Output has slowed a bit but you might find it congenial.