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Great job, my friend!  Congratulations!  I know how excited you must be!

Happy trails,


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Your name at the top right has a pull-down menu.  Click it and then click Portfolio.

Find the name of what you're trying to publish.  To the right of the name there is an action button.  Click it.

You will find Publish Set-up.  Click it.

Pick the premium Group to publish your work for the contest.  Click Publish and go through the steps of publishing. 

Then there is a button beside publish that says Contests.  Click it.

It will have your entry there with a button that says Enter Contest.  Click it.

Good luck.


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As the winner of the Mythical Creature contest, Dirk B has been gracious enough to send his prize money to my Animal Sanctuary here in Georgia.  I was amazed when he contacted me and said he wanted to donate it all to the animals who call my farm home.  Thank you for your generosity, Dirk B.  What a sweet and kind gesture!  And congratulations on your win! 


Thrilled for you, Randy!  Congratulations!  Job well done!



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Hey, Mike... sorry to hear you're going through such tough times now.  You and I have talked about this before, and I understand where you are and why you feel this way.  I do hope this is a phase that you can overcome.  I'm wishing you well on your job search.  Don't let them get to you, buddy.  Chin up and keep praying!



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YAY!  Way to go, girl!  Congratulations!


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There's another one called nica.


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I'm a member of a few other sites where for the first three months all comments from new members have to be approved by the moderator before they're made public.  I hate that our world has come to that, but that's just the way it is because too many people are out to scam and beat the system.  A spammer's patience usually doesn't last that long.  A person who joins this site who is truly interested in writing will understand that.  Their reviews will only be made public after approval.  A spammer will say to heck with it and bother someone else.  Just a thought.


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Fabulous, Jack!  Great job!



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Did I miss Strongest Start this year?


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vern wrote:

How about something where you must use at least X-number of creative made-up cuss words for effect and imagination. You know I get tired of the same old shit all the time, lol. Take care. Vern

ROFLMAO!  Good one, Vern!  I get it! 



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Glad tidings of great joy and a merry Christmas to all! 



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Oops... I wrote the above message and then went to his account to see if he'd posted anything.  ACCOUNT CLOSED.  That's odd.


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Glad to have you onboard, Mark... we get a little wild and silly sometimes, but we learn a bunch from each other.  Hope you will enjoy it here.  Just jump in with both feet and have fun!



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Mercy!  I just read this.  What a pleasant surprise to find out I won something!  YAY!  I've been away for a while and just saw this.  Thanks all for your nice words.  Congrats to Bobbie and Dagny as well!  Very nice job!  Thanks for running the contest, Sol.  Always fun to enter these.


That's wonderful news, Randy!  A big WOW, GREAT JOB for you!  Fantastic!



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Whoa!  Well, slap the dog an' spit in the fire!  Way to go, young lady!  Mighty proud to know you an' big ol' congratulations headin' your way!



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Proceed to www.thenextbigwriter.com (unsafe)

Congrats to all!  This was a fun contest and there were some great entries.  I'm sure the final decision was a hard one!

Ready for another one!



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So sorry to hear this, Ray... I've been in and out of here for the last few weeks and just saw this.  I'm glad you've made it through it.  I know it's rough.  I've had a couple of friends who didn't do as well as you and didn't make it out of it.  I don't care what the Governor of the Great State of Georgia says, or what Donald John Trump says, this thing is still dangerous.  Why they want to open everything back up is beyond my wildest imagination.  It's like jumping out of an airplane and pulling your parachute open.  You're floating down slowly but surely, then all of a sudden you get a wild hair and decide to remove your parachute.  You splatter to the ground.  Then your family is left to pick up the pieces.  I'm still wearing a mask everywhere I go, in addition to gloves.  I'm not getting within 15 feet of anybody, and if they're not wearing a mask, I am not even getting that close. 

Since there are so many deaths, there are a lot of animals left behind.  My rescue farm is over capacity right now, waiting for family members to hopefully come and get the horses, the dogs, the cats who don't understand where their humans went all of a sudden.  So that has kept me pretty busy.

Hope you continue to do well. 

Stay safe, everybody.  Wear those protective masks and gloves and stay out of public places.



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This is not a song, but if anybody hasn't ever seen the movie Outbreak (1995), I would suggest watching it now because you will see our current situation displayed in this movie.  Different scenarios, of course, but it relates almost 100% to what's going on now with this coronavirus.  It has an all-star cast including Dustin Hoffman, Renee Russo, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland, Patrick Dempsey, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. 

I swear I think the current administration has watched it because there are so many similarities to things that are trying to be covered up today and by whom.


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Gosh, Ray, so sorry to hear that you've been ill.  I hope you continue to improve and back up to snuff soon.  Stay at home and don't venture out.  I've been ordering everything brought to my car for the things that can't be delivered by UPS, USPS, or Fed-Ex.  Though it's not as much fun, the fast-food drive-through windows are just as germy as going inside, so everything is being prepared from home for me until this has passed.  There's no sure-fire way to keep from getting the germ since it's airborne, but hopefully staying away from everybody will make it pass on by.

Take care of yourself,


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I'm in the wrong room.  Excuse me.


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Such an honor, Randy!  So proud of all your accomplishments!



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Think I got there just in time, Randy.  Done! 
Can we vote more than once?

And congratulations!  Fingers crossed! XXXX