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I am glad, too, that you had good first responders tending to you! CHF is no joke. Praying for your continued recovery.
dags smile

Good news indeed! Another answer to my prayers. Continued good thoughts and prayers directed your way!
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An answer to my prayers. YAY!!!
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I am praying for you and your wife.

George FLC wrote:

I put Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address into Grammarly. Sorry, Abe. You only get a score of 85. Two -ly adverbs and 5 -ing verbs! And comma issues.

Granted there were different versions, but this one was the only one with his signature.

Opening sentence:
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Corrected by Grammarly:
Four hundred and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

I prefer the original line. Go Abe!

In Lincoln's defense, he wrote the Gettysburg Address on the back on an envelope on the train ride there.

Jack the Knife wrote:
Well, he’s lost me as a reader.

It's the age-old argument: Style vs plot. Lots of authors I read have writing styles I personally can't stand, but their plots are excellent. And authors that have a great writing style but terrible plots. The trick is reading them until you can't anymore.

Jack the Knife wrote: I just finished reading a thriller by Brad Thor, a bestselling novelist. He starts so many sentences with “ing” participles, it is painful to read. Where are the editors?

When you have a huge fan base you don't need no stinkin' editors. smile

Tyler Martin. Book reviewers.

I'm praying for you. If you don't believe in God, just think of them as rays of positive energy. See you when you get back.
Take care,
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Another winner? No surprise there! You're an excellent writer, who deserves all the accolades your work receives!

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You got this. You're going to kick heart diseases' ass!

Keep walking,

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You asked me a question in your reply to my review of your poem. "How do you know when to end a poem?"

  A poem ends when you say it does. And if it doesn't feel right, rewrite it until it does.

Then you asked, "Why don't more people publish poetry on this web site?"

  I don't know.

Hope this helps,

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Thinking about you, buddy. Get back here, soon, the old place isn't the same without you...
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c.e. jones wrote:

Hey Dags, no worries on my part, ever! I love your writing and always enjoy reading it. As for sporadic posting, depression, and procrastination? You're speaking my language, lady! (Note my hit and miss style here, currently missing, lol!) I'm so glad if you're feeling better and am always rooting for you, my friend.  ~  Cathy

I love your writing, too. I miss it, but I know if you aint' feeling it, you aint feeling it. You've always been super supportive on here and I hope you get to that place again where the chapters are flying off the page. Until then, know I am returnrooting for you!
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George FLC wrote:

Hey Dagny,
Best to you during this season. Hang tough and keep moving forward.

George FLC

Thank you, George, you, too! smile

Nathan B. Childs wrote:

Thanks, dagfoot
I share your feelings when it comes to the people I have met over the years on this site.

You're welcome, Natfoot. There are people on this site, like you, who treat me better than I deserve. smile

For those who have stuck with me through the years, reviewing my work even when my response wasn't timely or not at all I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
It is time you get the explanation you deserve.
I battle relentless depression. In the past I've returned reviews and thanked my readers in a timely manner, when I felt good. But then the Black Dog of depression would visit and I'd disappear into the darkness and off this site.
Now that I am 70 and I see how much time depression swallowed up, I've finally started antidepressants and counseling. I also am working on procrastination.
While I can't promise I will from now on reply to your review in a timely manner, I can only promise that I will try.
Again I want to thank you for your patience, your loyalty and the selfless way you interacted with me without the assurance that I would respond in kind.
This site and the people on it mean a lot to me and hopefully, I will be able to contribute another thirteen years.
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Thanks, Sol, I figured out what you were doing after I posted but wanted to be sure.
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I auto renew every August. My billing now reads: Oct/12/2023-Apr/09/2024. Can you please correct this?
Thank you for your time,
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Hello Margo,
I only have one rule to share with you: Write the book, short story, or poem that you would want to read and you should be ok. As for reviews, you do you. That's about it, except don't let anyone here discourage you from writing. They are not professional reviewers, they're just giving you their opinions. And you know what they say about opinions.
Finally, Margo, just have fun.
See ya out there,


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Every animal goes to heaven and so does everyone who made it their life's work rescuing them. I am so sorry you are unable to continue and I hope the knowledge you've helped so many animals to get the care and love they sorely needed comforts you a little. You're a true inspiration to me and animal lovers on this site.
I'm praying for you, sweetie. If anyone deserved a miracle it's you.


Dirk B. wrote:

I tested them earlier, before I reported the issue, and they didn't work for me. I keep having to look up words in my online dictionary to get the spelling right.

Spell check on this site might be an extension of my Word. I know Office will complete sentences for me in the forum, it will also identify grammar mistakes with a blue line. So, that might be the difference.
I guess we could ask Sol, or someone else who is having the same issue as you're having.
dags smile

Dirk B. wrote:

It seems to be missing from the text fields one uses to enter individual inline comments. I'm virtually certain it used to be there.
I think it also used to exist for the main text box of private messages.

There is no box you can click on the individual inline comments or the main text box of private messages, spell check is automatic. I tested both and both times a red line appeared under the misspelled word.
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Dirk B. wrote:

Before the offtopic discussions get too large, could I ask folks to break out a different thread? The purpose of this thread is outlined in the first post. Sol has to be able to go through these posts and actually find real requests, which is why I hope to keep this and the Minor Enhancement threads on track.


It was a joke, to be laughed at as an example of a minor inhancememt. I stole it from Endgame and hoped someone would get it. So the jokes on me, not only did I get the wrong forum I used the wrong spelling of proposed. So, dear Dirk, consider me property humbled and apologetic. The next time I want to share a joke here, I will think better of it.
dags sad

I purpose calling the crash the 'big blip' in which we re-emerge on the site the same age we were before the 'big blip.'
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