Hi Dirk, I understand the issue you are trying to solve but it's really bad user experience to list a link to one thing and then redirect to another. The. listings on the homepage have always been a challenge. We used to list all chapters chronologically and then people complained about writers flooding the homepage. So, we instituted this system. Based on complaints, or the relative lack of them, I think it's the right balance. But always happy to consider other ideas.


I like the idea of gifting points. I think there might be a way to initially test this without complex coding. Let me think through this We did allow people to buy points at one point and it was a relatively successful experiment. Gifting would just take that one step further.

- Sol


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Hi all, we're taking a look to see why they aren't appearing. Thanks for letting me know.

Yes, we're looking into it. I hope to have some info shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Nice cover!

Something does look strange. On the Read and Review, it's showing Chapter 6 as your last posted chapter. I'll look into it.


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The logout and images should be fixed. Let me know if you still experience any issues.


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Hi all,

We're aware of the log off problem and also the issue with uploading images. We hope to have it fixed in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience.



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Yes, I noticed that also. We'll take a look. Thanks.


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Hello all,

I wanted to let you know we moved the site to a new server last night. If you experience any problems, please post them below. Thank you.


Hi all,

We're pleased to announce the winners.

https://www.thenextbigwriter.com/contes … Contest-24

Congratulations to all!

We'll be launching a new writing contest shortly.


Hi all,

Following some extensive testing, we'll be moving TheNextBigWriter to a new server in the next few days. I wanted to let everyone know in case you run into any problems. Once the moved is done, we'll be taking care of some issues you've mentioned in the forums.


Where's the link to it? Congratulations!

Unable to access--still wants me to update my account even though I received an email on the 19th saying this was done.

Hi Randall, try it now. I changed you to Premium on the test server also.

B Douglas, I'll email with some info.


The test server database is about a month old so that's why the dates are a bit dated smile. If you can't login, make sure you are using the same credentials as you do on the live site. If that still doesn't work, send me a private message. Thanks!

Hi all,

Bringing this back to the top. The new server is now ready for testing. You can login with your existing email address and password. If you have some time, play around, post content, leave a comment, post something to the forum, etc. Posts any problems you have into this forum thread and we'll get them fixed. Thanks in advance for your help!



Yes, hold on. There are still a few issues we need to resolve first. I may have jumped the gun smile. Thanks for taking a look so quickly!

Hi all,

We're getting ready to move TNBW to a new server. Once we do that, it will allow us to more easily update the site. Our development has been frozen until we can complete the move.

If anyone has the time or inclination, I'd like to invite you to try out the new site in our testing environment to see if it's working correctly. I'll be doing the same this week. If you do check it out and find anything amiss, please report it below.

Please note, most of the images have not been moved and so will not appear. That's not a bug.

We hope to have this wrapped up in the next week




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Hi Myryn,

You should be all set. I checked and your account looks upgraded. It may have just taken a few minutes to process. Let me know if you are still experiencing problems.


I think there might be some issues with Windows 10. We'll have to take a look. The issue is we're moving servers and that might take another week or so. We can't touch the code until that is completed. Once the move is done, we'll take a look right away. Thanks for your patience.

Sol, can you please make the Welcome and In Memoriam threads in the Fantasy/Magic/Sci-fi group sticky? We have other posts we want to make sticky in other groups as well, but those can wait until the make-sticky link bug is fixed.

Done. Check the sticky functionality. I noticed that it was working from another account.

Yes, this is a change we'll make. We're in the process of doing some backend work so we have to finish that before we can make any changes. Thanks.

I can't access two of my chapters (4 and 5) from my novel Reconstruction Days. They haven't been deactivated, and the reviews are still there, but the chapter content is no longer there. Is there any way to retrieve those chapters from your archives?

I don't see any content for those chapters. Did you delete it? I can look and see if we have the chapter in the backups. Do you know when the content disappeared?

Maybe try to revive it first. New members are likely to be drawn to it now that they can find which groups to join. If that doesn't work, you can nuke it later.


Sol, when you have a moment, please make me the moderator of the above group. I'll do my best to try to revive it.

Do you want to revive it or nuke it?