Topic: Pruning

Hi all...

Sol's planning on a group purge, and sadly, this one fits the conditions outlined.

Anyone wanna run amok with trying to resuscitate it? If not, it might be best to let it quietly fade and merge into the Fantasy group.

I had been planning that "starship captain contest" but that won't be until summer at the earliest... and frankly that works in a fantasy group anyway

Re: Pruning

Let's have one Sci-fi & Fantasy group if possible. Unless there is real activity in other sci-fi/fantasy groups (e.g., running threads like the ones we use), we can rename ours and people can join that one. We'll need a new moderator. I think Amy is still listed as ours.

FYI, by posting to this forum, you've just created activity. If no one objects to folding this into our group, you'll probably have to ask Sol to explicitly delete this one.

Re: Pruning

Oops. Look like Sol already did the purge. It's still worth combining the existing sci-fi/fantasy groups, though.