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Topic: Homepage on old site

On the old site we had all the newly posted works in three categories - novel, poem, short story. I can't find that anywhere, but it was useful to see the new material. The new home page just lists  a few posts in no particular category, and only about three. How will we discover new writers on the site and try out new stuff? By the same token, I'm worried other won't find my stuff!

The creation of groups is also worrisome. People may wind up only reviewing and being reviewed by people in their group. It will make it very difficult for new members on the site. I am currently reading a romance novel that I love (MsPiddles), but  I never would have joined a romance group. I clicked on her or maybe she clicked on me first, but we randomly stumbled on each other. She might not have chosen historical fiction.

Does this make any sense? Don't encourage us to become "clique-ish"!    Please at least on the homepage have the same kind of feed as on the old site. That's always where I went to choose something new to read!

Re: Homepage on old site

Putting the covers up with the listings takes a fairish amount of space, too, especially when the author hasn't put a cover up!  But even when there is one, cutting it by 40% in each dimension would make room for more titles.

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OK, I did discover the click on new content, that lists all the new content, but I agree with the above post that the covers take up too much space so fewer works appear on the page.

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Can you tell me how to find "New Content" too? I have look and looked. There doesn't seem to be a proper home page anymore.

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They're trying to push us away from having central places to congregate. On one hand, if you are heavily involved in a diligent group, not having stragglers poking their nose in at every turn could be a blessing. But that is about the only benefit I see to forcing us all into groups. Otherwise it's very fragmented and yes, clique-ish. I think this is going to hurt the newer membership in a rather large way as time goes on. We'll see.

And to answer Rebecca's question, the only way I've seen a 'list' of any type of new content is to click into the Premium group and use the navigation arrows to see all the new postings on the list. This of course, is assuming that most people are sending their uploads to be viewed by the Premium group.