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  From  an  early  age,  I  always  knew  I  wanted  to  be  a  writer,  since  around  age  12,  I   believe.  I  took  Creative  Writing,  in  high school,  writing  short  stories,  poems,  and    essays,  my  favorite   venues.  I'd  also  enjoyed  the  weekly  writing  contests  we'd  had  way  back  in  elementary  school.  I'd  taken  it--  Creative  Writing  again  in  community  college,  which  I  briefly  attended.  Large  portions  of  my  materials  are  manuscripted  or  stored  on  my  computer  documents,  and  as  of  2018,  I  hope  to  accelerate  the  pace  of  posting  and  of  publishing. (Can  sometimes  seem  like  a  slow  process).

  My  essay--writing  interests  largely   revolve  around  human--our  species'  evolution  and  direction:  who  are  we,  WHAT  are  we,  and  WHAT  is  our  next  step--  in  WHAT  direction  are  we  heading,  in  this  new  millennium...  the  21st  century?  

 I  like  to  call  it  my  Millennium project:  developing  a  new  thought  and  ideology  for     our  time,  rooted  in  our  prehistoric  origins--  reestablishing  the  lost  identity  and trajectory  of  our  species.  

I  work  at  Mayo  Clinic/Hospital  here  in  Jacksonville,  a  job  I'be  held  for  a  little  over   22  years  now  in  Environmental Services,  another  term  for   Housekeeping/MAINTENANCE.  I  first  started  in  early  February  1996-- February 5th  or 6th  I  believe,  part-time, which  is  from  6' o'clock p.m.  to  10:00  p.m.. My  mother actually  got  me  the  job,  as  she  was  seeking  extra  part-time  work  herself.  

In  early  May  of  that  year--  5  months  later--  I  got  a  full-time  position,  the  hours being  6:00p.m.  to  2:30a.m,  and  I've  been  working  these  hours--  third  shift-'  ever since.  At  that  time,  I  was  working  at  a  grocery  store  during  the  day  "Publix",  a  job I'd  held  from  August  of  1994  until  December  of  1997.    

 Mines  is  a  close-knit  family,  being  from  Georgia,  and  have  always  lived  in  close        proximity  to  or  with  one  another.  My  mother,  Gladys,  turned  63  this  January.  She's  basically  retired,  and  spends  her  time  baby-sitting  her  7  year  old  grandson,    Christopher,  my  sister's  child.   

 My  sister  Gaynelle   turned  45  last  December,  2017,  and  has  worked  in  banking  most not  her  life--  quitting  her  job  2  years  ago  as  an  assistant  vice  president  at  Bank  of  America.  She  now  works  at  a  new  less  hectic  bank.  She  divorced  about  6  years  ago,  and  is  now  a  single  mother. 

 My  younger  brother,  Justin,  is  32,  and  recently  had  a  baby  with  his  girlfriend  Amy,  born  October   1st  of  last  year,  2017.   He  works  as  a  computer  programmer/coder  at  a  nearby  plant.   He  learned  computers  from  our  father,  who'd  served  20 +  years  in  the  Navy.  He'd  retired  in  1995,  afterwards  becoming  a  long-haul  truck  driver.  He  passed  away  in  late  January   of  1999  at  the  age  of  42... same  as  his  father,  who'd  also  passed  away  at  42  in  1977,  and  had  served  in  the  Navy  for  many  years,  afterwards,  working  at  an  airport.  They  both  died  of  heart  disease:  my  grandfather  on  the  operating  table,  and  my  dad  while  asleep  in  the  camper  of  his  truck  while  delivering  a  load  to  Alabama.  They'd  both  been heavy  smokers  all  their  lives.

 I'm  around  5'5  in  height,  and  have  often  been  told  I  don't  look  my  years  (how       often  have  we  been  told  that  lol ?)

  But  the  problem  with  a  more youthful appearance  is  you're  sometimes  not  taken  as  seriously.  

  I  LOVE  being  a  member  of  this  site,  and  wouldn't  be  the  writer  I  am  without  it, and without  the  WONDERFUL  skilled  people  who  comprise  it.  You  are  my  family,  a GREAT  family,   and  I  can't  think  of  a  better  one  to  be  part  of . It  would  be  a  tall  order  to  do  so.  


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