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How to review MES
These are the instructions of how I expect to be reviewed.
1. Totally honesty – if you think it’s bad, tell me, I am a big girl and can handle it.
2. Line edits are okay and appreciated if it’s your thing.
3. Plot and character issues, problems, and anything that breaks the flow is appreciated.
4. Convoluted sentence restructuring is allowed.
5. Telling me a character needs more development is allowed
6. Telling me a plot is thin or makes no sense is allowed
7. Tell me a character is acting out of character is allowed
8. Basically if anything is not working – TELL ME! And give examples of what needs fixed.

What not to do when reviewing MES
1. Rudeness will be returned in kind. I am here to learn; not deal with preschoolers. (Example: This chapter sucks = rude. This chapter needs a lot of editing to be enjoyable = not rude.) note: I reserve the right to allow close friends to be rude if they know me personally and my writing style.
2. Be constructive; don’t give fluff reviews. If you truly cannot find something you believe needs corrected, then tell me without blowing sunshine up my a**. I am here to improve; not deal with mindless point earning reviews.
3. Do not tell me you don’t read fantasy and then site why every fantasy element I have makes no sense to you. If you can’t stomach fantasy, don’t read my work.
4. Do not tell me my plot is clichéd because it is good verses evil and classic save the world. That is an epic (high) fantasy element!
5. Yes, this will sound arrogant and I don’t care. DO NOT tell me I don’t know what I am doing or that I cannot write. I have my share of bad writing – all writers do – but that does not give anyone on this site the right to tell me I cannot write because I had a brain-dead moment. You can, however, tell me I need to seriously look at a posted chapter because it’s just not working and the writing needs substantial editing.
6. Do not tell me the chapter/short story/poem is riddled with mistakes and then point none of them out. Show me specifics, I could be having a brain-dead moment and needed the added kick in the rear.
7. Do not jump into the middle of novel and start reviewing. That is grounds for a rating of a 1 and no written response with total disregard to the review. (Possible exceptions are reading a prologue and chapter one out of order.)

Not finishing a started novel: If you cannot finish the novel because the plot is just not working for you, you think all the characters are stupid and worthless or whatever other reason a reader can have for putting novel down, then I urge you write a review for the chapter you decided to put the book down. Tell me exactly where I went off track with you as a reader. I may or may not change my novel based on the feedback, but it goes a long way in telling me what kind of reader I am attracting. I am firmly aware that not everyone is going to love my novel and I can’t please everyone, but I would appreciate knowing where I lost a reader and why. It’s the only way to improve.
Reading this you may think MES is crazy, and you are partially correct. But my main reason for writing this is that I am here to become a published author. That is not going to happen with flimsy and pointless reviews, and being insulting without merit wastes my time and yours. Be polite and blunt (we are writers, we should be able to do both.) Telling me only good things will not help me, and insulting me will only piss me off – again, wasting both of our time.


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