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Welcome to the site! I speak for the community in saying we're excited to have you as a new member. Beyond this page is a world of writing, reading, reviewing, feedback, contests, tips, connections, friendship, publishing success, and more. But first, a few words to get you on your way.

If you're like many new members, you're wondering what this experience is going to be like and perhaps a bit nervous about joining an online writing site. This is normal. The New Member Group is set-up to answer your questions and help you learn the site. A link to the group is provided at the bottom of the page.

7-day Trial

Your new account comes with a 7-day free trial of Premium Membership. Once the 7-day trial expires you can choose to remain a Premium Member or downgrade to free Basic Membership.

Here's what we recommend you do to get the most out of your free 7-day Premium Membership trial:

Post Something and Start Getting Feedback

The best way to get started is to post something on the site. A poem, a short story, a quick thought, anything. You're account comes with 7.5 free points which is enough to put up either one medium-length book chapter, or a couple of poems, a short story, an article, almost anything. Once you post, your content will appear on the site and will start getting feedback.

Wondering what points are? They are the site's currency. You receive points for reviewing others, and pay points to post your own writing. This system ensures that everyone contributes to the community. You can read more about points here.

Read and Review Content

If you're not ready to post then you might want to start by reading and reviewing some content on the site. Pick a poem, short story, or book chapter. Leave some feedback. It's not hard and you'll start accumulating points. When reviewing, tell a writer what you liked about their work and what you thought could be improved. This is your chance to positively influence what a writer is doing. The main rule for reviewing is to be considerate and respectful. For some tips on reviewing, click here.

Enter a Contest

If you joined to enter a contest, great! We run frequent writing competitions that provide motivation for the site's members.

Get Excited

If you're like most of our members, moving beyong this page will change your writing life forever. But don't take our word for it. Since we launched our first site in 2005, we have received hundreds of testimonials just like this:

TheNextBigWriter has been such an important part of my journey to becoming a published author. In the years since I became a member, I have learned so much about writing and myself. Beyond the valuable feedback on my work, I have made some amazing friends who have pushed me further than I ever imagined possible."

- Angela Fristoe (penang), USA Today Bestselling Author

The writers on TheNextBigWriter are a diverse group and run the gamut from beginners to best-sellers, from novelists to poets, from living in Los Angeles to London. Everyone on the site is interested in becoming a better writer and learning how to best tell their story. If you invest some time on TheNextBigWriter and embrace the community, you will achieve your writing goals.

Welcome again and I look forward to reading your writing on the site.


Sol Nasisi

Founder, TheNextBigWriter

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