The New Members Group

This group is primarily for new members who are not ready to jump into any of the large, ongoing groups and want a starting place to begin their journey on the site. The group will help answer their questions and provide a place where they can post their writing and get experience with the posting and reviewing process.

Experienced members who want to join and provide some guidance to new members are welcome to do so. But remember, this group is mainly for new members.

The group uses the point system, which means that members must earn points by reading and reviewing the work of others on the site to post their own content. You can read a full description of how points and the site works in general using the link below:

If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to post them in the group forum.


New Members

Members: 213

Language: English

Points System: Yes

Founder: SolN

Link to group at:

Access: Public

Public group! You don't need need moderator's permission to become a member.

First you need to sign in

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