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Many new members are intimidated at the thought of reading and reviewing the work of others. "I'm not an expert" or "I don't feel qualified to provide feedback to another writer" are quotes we often see.

Do not feel this way!

As long as you are a reader, then your opinion is valuable. The books on this site are not just purchased by literary critics or English teachers (although they count also), they are purchased by readers. And readers know if they like a book or not (btw - if you do not read, then you probably do not belong on the site).

When reviewing, tell the writer what you liked or what you didn't, as a reader. Here are some questions to consider:

1) Did the story keep your interest? If not, where did it slow down?
2) Did you feel connected to a character?
3) Did you want to keep reading?

If you are reviewing poetry:

1) Did you like the meter or rhyme scheme?
2) Did you like the imagery?
3) Did you understand the poem?

These are just some starter questions. Then, when you are done, write your thoughts as a review to the writer. Your thoughts don't have to be long: the limit is only 50 words for a Regular Review. If you have specific instances you want to point out, you can also do an In-line Review. You can read about the differences between types of reviews here.

One Review Requirement

The key to being a successful reviewer is to provide a mix of positive and critical feedback and to be considerate in how you deliver that critical feedback. Considerate is the golden term. This is not American Idol and you should not see yourself as a Simon Cowell looking to deliver blunt criticism.

For some additional tips on reviewing, please visit the link below: … eview-tips

Please also feel free to post any questions below.

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Re: Reviewing for New Members

I'm confused.  Where do I go to review other people's work.  That and I can't find a price guide for the premium membership.  Is this one of those things where you don't tell us what it costs and suddenly there is a bill for 300 dollars?   

ha, found out how to review other peoples' works.  Still don't know how much a premium member ship costs though

Re: Reviewing for New Members

Hi Heather, Glad you found out how to review.

Premium Membership is $8.95 per month, $21.95 per quarter, or $69.95 per year.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Re: Reviewing for New Members

One thing that I have found really helpful is when reviewers not only point out a problem but provide a potential solution. Sometimes, a reviewer with a fresh set of eyes sees possibilities that I don't. This is something that I try now to do when I provide feedback.