Intro to Creative Writing - Summer 2015

Intro to Creative Writing - Summer 2015

Start: Jun 15, 2015

End: Jul 27, 2015

Language: English

Founder: SolN

Price: $0.00

Intro to Creative Writing - Summer 2015



Intro to Creative Writing - Summer 2015

Instructor: SolN

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How do I know when to create a paragraph? How do I write dialogue in a story? Why doesn't my story read like a one written by a professional writer? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, this course is for you. 

Sol Nasisi, the founder of and is offering a free, six-week course for beginner writers. While running these sites, he has read tens of thousands of short stories and books and has learned the types of mistakes commonly made by novice writers. Drawing from this experience, and using the posting, editing, and communication tools on TheNextBigWriter, he has created a class that will help anyone write more like a pro.

Some of the topics covered in this class include:

  • Basic paragraph structure.
  • Writing dialogue and how to display it on the page.
  • Verb tenses and how they work in creative writing.
  • Show versus tell.
  • And more...

Who would take this class:

Writers who are new to creative writing and who want to learn the basics.

By the end of this class:

  • You will have attained the skills to write at an advanced or intermediate level.
  • You will have written or edited a previously created piece that applies the principles learned in the class. 

Class Structure

Assignments will be posted on a weekly basis. They will consists of a written lesson along with homework. Class interaction will also be part of the experience. Assignments will be posted using the site's posting system or in the forum. Conversation and feedback will be provided in the class forum or in the reply comments to posted documents.

Class Cost

There is no cost to take the class. Both Premium Members and Basic Members can take the class free of charge although Premium Members will have a few more tools to use, such as in-line reviews. All new members of TheNextBigWriter are given 7 free days of Writing Membership after which they can decide to remain a Writing and pay the membership fee or downgrade to a free Basic account.  

Please email with any questions. 

Writers can join the class even after it has started.

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