This is my first glimpse at the new site. I must confess that I am filled with nostalgia for "the way it was." At my age I do not adapt easily, but it seems to me life was MUCH SIMPLER on the old site, perhaps EASIER would be a better description. Without THE NEXT BIG WRITER I would never have  had 106 short stories, 2 novellas, I book of poems and 1 book of 10 short stories published! A lot in 6 years. I will continue to stay with the site for now but am sorry to say, it does not convey the same warmth for me.  Ron Van Sweringen   RLVS


There's many wonderful features to be had, but the adjustment curve in order to utilize them will be significant. You aren't alone in your feelings, but maybe with some time you'll feel a little better, or begrudgingly adjust like most of us are trying to do. Hope so.  See you around!