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how can friends and family link to my stories?  or is this only for people that are on the site?


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hello, new to the group.  I haven't seen any mention of Clive Barker yet,  what's your opinion of him?  he's one of my favs.  I invite you all to check out my stuff.  so I'm sitting here typing to you guys, and i see a tiny spider run across my computer.  I don't squish him cause i have this whole live and let live philosophy in life.  Then the little guy is hanging from my desk lamp, and one is on my shirt.  I stand up to brush him off me and the are all over me.  I think some spider  laid eggs under my desk or chair or whatever.  Thank God I have raid.  it's all well and good till they are all over you.  So I'm sitting here writing in a horror thread beig assaulted by tiny spiders.......top that true believers


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I'm confused.  Where do I go to review other people's work.  That and I can't find a price guide for the premium membership.  Is this one of those things where you don't tell us what it costs and suddenly there is a bill for 300 dollars?   

ha, found out how to review other peoples' works.  Still don't know how much a premium member ship costs though


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Hello all,
I'm new. I was drawn to the site by a contest, but navigating through the site has led me to believe that this might be a good fit for me.  I have a number of projects underway, but mostly I write short stories.  It's 3:42am and again I HAVE to write.  It's like a compulsion or something.  I write some dark stuff, and sometimes the poison has to leave.  I slip into some deep dark indie off of Pandora and squeeze out some of the dark in my soul.  What brings the rest of you to write?