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Way to go, Randy!!! Best of luck.


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Thinking about you, Bill. Fingers crossed everything goes well. ~Ann


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BIG congrats, Mark! I'm proud of you!! ~Ann


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BIG congrats!!

Here's more useful info from #1 NYT writer, Mercedes R. Lackey

Bear in mind that you are a first-time author. Whether you work with an agent or directly through the publisher will make little to no difference. Unless for some reason this is one of those books that the publisher is wildly enthusiastic about, you will be offered a standard first-timer contract with standard royalty rates (which really don’t vary much across the entire industry). According to Alan Jacobson, the current standard rates are:
“Typically, an author can expect to receive the following royalties: Hardback edition: 10% of the retail price on the first 5,000 copies; 12.5% for the next 5,000 copies sold, then 15% for all further copies sold. Paperback: 8% of retail price on the first 150,000 copies sold, then 10% thereafter.”
This is what you will get. This is what Stephen King gets. This is what I get.

***on a personal note, I, (Ann) recently read another article that noted a large social media following now plays an important role in getting a contract from one of the major publishing houses. For those of you who aren't active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This might be a good time to start building those followers...IF... you want to query the big publishers.


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Congrats. Now the hard part begins. Marketing.

Amazon has major changes going on and from the posts I read on the Kindle Scout FB group, the authors there are all in a panic. In April, Kindle Scout became extinct. Now, CreateSpace will soon be a thing of the past. All the print books published by CS, will be migrated to Kindle Direct Publishing.
No telling what will shake out next.
This is just my personal opinion, but I've been small press published, traditionally published, and indie published. I've gone wide, and I've gone Amazon exclusive. I've published with CreateSpace and Ingram's Lightning Source.
Critics can bad mouth Amazon all they want, but until something changes, they offer the best deal in town. They pay sales royalties and per page royalties at a decent percentage...and they pay on time! And, their customer service out performs any I've dealt with. You contact them via computer and have a choice of how you want to be contacted in return. If you choose "call now," the phone will ring within seconds, and you'll talk directly to a human. If you email them, they will answer within 24 hours.

If you need changes made to your book info or find a problem, you can contact Author Central, and again, the response will be fast.
This isn't to say Amazon is perfect. There are aspects of it I dislike, but again, until something better comes along...

Here's information from a NYT bestselling author of what to expect in advances and royalty if you go the traditional route.
https://us3.campaign-archive.com/?u=cdd … 854a68aefb   
Go to the  link and scroll down to Income as Writers:Advances


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Didn't get anything the first time around, but today,  I got two messages.

Hey Justin,
Thanks so much. I haven't used Dax, but I do have a character in one of my books by the name of Dak Savage. Don't think I've used Samantha anywhere.
Thanks for your entry. I'll add the names to my list.

Funny, MJ!!! If I go with a boy/girl combination...maybe I should name them Hunky and Dory!! Ritter's son should be a  "hunk" like his dad...and in the movie, Finding Dory... Dory the fish is pretty quirky...so she'd match up with True!

Y'all are cracking me up. My REAL last name is Ball, so you can imagine what I time I had when choosing names for my own children. When people asked if I had names picked out, I'd say...Cannon if it's a boy and Crystal if it's a girl. Usually took them a few seconds to catch on!!

Candy and Cane...Ken and Barbie...Dorothy and Toto….LOL

No, I'm not wanting T names. I think I drove that far enough into the ground!! I'm mainly looking for something that goes well with the last name Malone.

True is the book and in the epilogue, the main characters announce they're expecting twins. I've not decided if they'll be boys/girls/or one of each. I'm hoping some fantastic name entries will help me make up mind! They make an appearance in my current WIP.

In my last book...workshopped here, it ends with the main characters announcing the arrival of twins. I'm currently having a "no strings attached" contest to name those babies. Nothing to buy. No signups for anything. Simply a contest with a $50 Amazon gift card up for grabs. You are allowed 3 entry combinations...boy/boy---girl/girl---boy/girl. Send your name entries to ann.everett@rocketmail.com and put "Twin contest" in the subject line. Contest ends August 15th, with the winner announced September 1.
Your email will only be used for notification in the event you win.
Many thanks,


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Once you're a writer, you'll never read as a reader again!

Sol, Dagnee, MJ, JP, and Bill,
Thanks so much for the well wishes. I was surprised!

Also, congratulations to Roxanne and Brian. Well deserved.



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I have openings on my blog every Friday in July-August-September. If you have a book you wish to promote and haven't been featured on my blog in the last six months, contact me off-site at ann.everett@rocketmail.com. This is free book promotion


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BIG congrats!


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BIG congrats. ~Ann

Here's the link for B. Douglas Slack's post on my blog today. Check it out. He's had an interesting life.
http://www.anneverett.com/2018/03/08/fi … las-slack/

Hey Bill,
We are all guilty of sitting at the computer too long. I have to set a timer to make myself get up and move around or I'll be glued to that chair all day! Positive thoughts are headed your way. Hope you feel better soon.



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Bless your heart! That is so kind, and I really appreciate it.

Thank you, too, for the kind words!


Thanks! :+)

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/20/opin … ex-ed.html
Interesting article. Makes me proud to be a romance writer!