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Randall Krzak wrote:

Just had a request from someone named Vela to publish my work on novelstar.top. Just checked and she's done 32 similar regular reviews on the works of various TNBWers before suggesting they publish on the same site.

They’re still out there. I got two today. I asked one to email me, the other to PM me. This way I can report them to internet fraud.


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I need to change that avatar.  Hahahaha


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Someone let Jeanne in. She applied.


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Linda, Jeanne is on now but not in the group. Can you put her in? Or does she need to do something?


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I put mine in with points because I’m sharing my work on the prime pages. But I’m good with whatever you all decide.


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Congratulations, Gray! You so much deserve this one. I loved the read. Time to check out those runner ups. Congrats, A. T. and denisef! <3


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This is true Janet. Although, I firmly believe in Karma. If being dishonest, undependable, and disrespectful is a virtue, it will catch up with someone without my help. So will being quick tempered, fast to judge (no pun intended) and bitchy. My personal experience is to walk away, don't give glowing reviews of unfavorable work ethics, but when asked, tell the truth, and never hire them again.


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vern wrote:
Susan Stec wrote:

In their defense, it gets pretty hectic out there sometimes.

Not sure that's a very good defense:

Caller ID, Judge #1: "Hello, Sol, sorry I'm running late. I'm taking a whiz, the only time I could squeeze in because of the hectic schedule I find myself in; but I will finish judging the finalists and give my vote within the next ___ days. Thanks so much for understanding and give my apologies to all the contestants. Gotta run, talk to you soon."

Caller ID, Judge #2: "Hello, Sol, I'm sitting on the can, the only time ... (ditto above conversation)

Disregard any bodily functions associated with #1 and #2 comments above; it happens. Take care. Vern

Actually, you're not far off. You'd have to be part of the playing field to understand the balance. It can be grueling. Some of my best marketing is done on the John. Hahahahaha. Sad but true.  There are always priority lists. One human being can only do so much. And I am a firm believer in giving the benifit of doubt. 

I have had people bitch about a child's actions out in a store, I now understand that child could be autistic. I hear bitching about these 3 very professional adults and have to wonder, could judge 1 have to not only support her family, but visit a sick parent in a hospital? Maybe Judge two lost her husband last week. What if judge 3 has 3 kids, a full time job, and she is sick herself. Truth is stranger than fiction, my friend. I know. I've had a hell of a year. And have missed deadlines, not because I'm a bitch, but I have a sister with dementia, and had to, singlehandedly move her 1500 miles to care for her, only to have to place her in foster care within the first year, all while trying to reach a progressional deadline. So, it is what it is, and it will all be settled when it's settled.
I'm good.


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That's great. In their defense, it gets pretty hectic out there sometimes.  Happy you will have all the results you wanted for this years contest.

Congratulations, Randy!

Exlax: oh shit

Martian: My Favorite

Just saw this! Woot! And hey, Gray, Congrats, guy. I love Founders. Wish you luck.


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I have 11  published and all were workshopped here and acknowledged in each book. https://www.amazon.com/Susan%20Stec/e/B … 1471646788

The Grateful Undead series: They're so vein - Grave Sight - Blood, Sweat, and Demon Tears - Coffin fit.
The Other F Word
When the Bough Breaks
Mirror, Mirror
Take me


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jack the knife wrote:

Unless you self-publish, only the publisher gets sales numbers from Amazon. Amazon rank is indicative of sales in a general way, but not specific. If your ranking climbs, you know that's because of a sales increase, but a rise of several thousand in rank may only translate to a couple of books sold. I don't think your idea is workable, Sol. And I don't really see the point, as it would create an irrelevant competition among TNBW published authors who write in various genres and use various promotion discounts.

A lot of things create book/author rankings, not just individual sales. I'm in three boxed sets and have several more coming out between October this year and next.  There are at least 20 authors in each set. These really pump my author rankings because we can sell hundreds, sometimes thousands in a day, and that doesn't count KU readers where we can have hundreds of thousands of pages read a month. This pumps the rankings in individual books and author ranking. The higher the ranking the more visual your site pages are. Being strictly Amazon, with KU also pump rankings. So do tags and genre selections in individual books. It is a very complicated process. I don't think you can run totals on all books and be accurate. I am indie so I can tell you exactly how many books I sold this year and how many pages were read in KU, but then even that would be skewed because of my boxed sets. Did they purchase the set for my book, or 20? We just made the New York Times bestsellers list with the Magic and Mayhem boxed set. We had over 15K in the first couple of days and hit the list at #13 out of the fifteen after release week. Talk about bleed over. I sold over a hundred books the day after we hit the best sellers list. So I'd look sooo damn good on paper, but in reality... not so much.


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I will pay up to $5 for a full-length indie ebook (60-80k). I don't purchase much  (under 30k), an novellas (30-45) for over .99 unless they are really an author I NEED to read--can't stand not reading, or an author I want to support. My Dark and Deadly series (under 40k each) does not sell well--thinking of combining them.

KU pays by the page read, so even if they purchase it, if it doesn't hold their attention you will lose with KU. You will lose if your work is not attractive to the reader first (cover, blurb, size, genre) and then  of course if it isn't what they thought it would be, and last if it's not edited well. However, KU  is a really good program for volume readers, and they've chosen to a great way to pay the authors because it rewards writers who readers like to read. And it doesn't pay small volume novels the same as authors with full-lengths. It pays by phases read only. Period.


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DONT WAIT! Start building those FB friends, play on Twitter, check out Goodreads, build and learn. Social media is a must. Dedicate just one hour a day. FB on your lunch break, tweet after dinner for 15 minutes, or do either while waiting in an office for an appointment. Find a bit of time to start now or you will be doing it all later while you watch rankings drop. It takes twice as long after you publish, even if its traditional.

And the single biggest factor in marketing your book is having people to market it to. The quality keeps them coming back for the next books you write.


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Ang, you are spot on in everything you said. I know this because I live it. 

The only thing you didn't mention was going exclusive Amazon with KU, and how those $.99 books work for you then. Book one in my series is always $.99.

I also did several free promos this year, gave away 1000s of first in the series books, then not only did I sell books 2&3  for a nice price (this means the readers enjoyed those free book) but sales,started bleeding over into my other books... And they started reading.... Reading those pages and pages and pages, and pages are money in my pocket... That's KU. And I love it.  But bottom line will ALWAYS be, the story behind the marketing. The writing, the story, hitting your market area, that's what sells books ONLY IF THE READERS KNOW THEY ARE THERE. That's why you sell a book for .99 or do FREE days Jack.


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Yay! Congrats to all, especially my bud, Ang.


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Sorry to hear this Linda.


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Mariana Reuter, Ang is right-on with both of her posts. Creating a social media brand is the most important way to get readers - but not if all you do is try to sell your book. You need to sell yourself first. While you take a year, two, or six ( like me - LOL) keep writing because three books on Amazon seems to be the magic number for starting to use paid advertising to reach followers. This allows for bleed-off to your other books.

Trying to attract attention by advertising a special, like offering the book at a reduced price, does nothing major for selling that one book. It may get you a review or two, but social media will gain you followers as you build your bookshelf. Start on Goodreads and do a giveaway to attract readers. Jump into groups and chat. Open an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Google and stop in daily. If you are writing a second novel, use Wattpad to gather a following by offering chapters as you write, read others on the site and review there. This will lead buyers to your already published book.

When you build a following and put up another book or two, then start using paid marketing. But as Ang just demonstrated, research first.  You can do this on FB after you establish yourself. It's kind of a passive aggressive way to let others know you are published. Ask publishing questions.

Indie publishing and marketing is a big job, dedication will get you there. Just not tomorrow smile

Welcome to TNBW family, Skip. I hope you pull up a chair, lift a glass (salute) and stay a while.

As a newbie writer, "All the faith I had had, had had nothin' to do with anyone doin' shit for me."  But they did. There's a piece of TNBW in everything I write.


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Wish I could help, JP, but I'm in up to my neck at the moment. Maybe one of the others will offer assistance.

Wow! First time for me. I'm so excited. Congrats everyone! Good luck.


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Thanks for inviting me Audra and Karin.  Working against a deadline for a book release, but I will be back to share successes and failures in April when the dust settles.