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I'm new (raw, actually) both to the site and trying to put coherent and entertaining thoughts to pen.  I'm a whole 13-chapters into a book that I started around 4-years ago.  Family has been urging me to keep working on it, but hey ... Life, right?  Anyway, my daughter posted a meme to my FB page the other day which formed the basis of an epiphany for me:

"Life is going to get hard sometimes.
So get the f**k up and get your s**t together.
You're either an ocean or a puddle.
Don't be a puddle ... people walk through puddles like they're nothing.
Oceans f**king destroy cities."

A bit crass, but it struck a chord.

So ... here I am, in all my vulnerability.  (I'd never considered the anxiety I'd face when putting "my story" out for people to actually read and comment on.  I have this pervasive vision of "the cool kids" huddling in a corner and tittering, 'and he thought he could write?')

Maybe I can.  Maybe I can't.  The jury is in deliberations, but closing arguments have yet to be made in the case.  My only goal is to pass along something my granddaughter can point to and say, "My Papa did this!"  If I can share my journey with a few others as well, then so be it.

I've just posted the first chapter of my book.  Please jump in and let me know what I did well, and what I need to improve.

Thanks for the welcome!

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As a good friend once said, "Anyone can write but few can write well." 

Welcome bunnY!

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Welcome Skip!  First I want to say that I love the meme, crass or not.  Second, I just read your first chapter and it is (in my humble opinion) very good.  It's nice to find yet another fellow fantasy writer.  I hope to be able to read more of your work soon!

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Welcome aboard, Skip.
Don't give up before the miracle.

Your first chapter was really strong, nothing to be shy about.

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If you never open the door, you'll never know what is on the other side; windows can be so deceiving. Take care. Vern

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Welcome! Listen to your kid. My first novel in print came because my daughter took the first three original chapters, threw them across the room (literally) and said, "Momma, if you make Ray a killer, I'll never read another thing you write." Thanks to her, mu foray into multiple personalities took a hard turn and explored the link between twins even separated at birth. I now have 4 books in the series, 3 in print.

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Don't worry about any of the cool kids, we ignore their whispering to one another in the corner.

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Welcome, Skip. Which is your  genre? Don't worry about being the new kid on the block, we all went through that. The community is awesome. You'll enjoy it.



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Welcome to TNBW family, Skip. I hope you pull up a chair, lift a glass (salute) and stay a while.

As a newbie writer, "All the faith I had had, had had nothin' to do with anyone doin' shit for me."  But they did. There's a piece of TNBW in everything I write.

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aloha skip,

the next big writer community is always here to back you up when you need it most. welcome, good luck, keep writing and posting and enjoy.

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Skip,  You are just like the rest of us, looking for some flattery, a few kind words, our head swells up and we go back to our little room and write something more impressive.
I read your first chapters and you have nothing to worry about.  I like your characters so far and I know the story will be interesting because you captured me by letting me know your guy.  Keep it up, but don't be so humble.   Mike

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Skip - I don't know anyone who did something in the public eye for the first time and wasn't apprehensive. If they weren't then they either didn't care or was an idiot. You put your heart into it and want others to like it. Unless you were born with the talent to do it all correctly the first time, you're going to make mistakes and receive negative feedback. Hopefully it will all be constructive and you can learn from it.

Here's a test. You can't write, you can't string three words together correctly, you have no idea what a plot is, meaningful dialogue totally escapes you, you have no idea what painting a scene consists of, and the phone book has more interesting characters.

Now you've been exposed to all the horrors and deep dark negative magic. If you haven't wet your pants or vanished into thin air, then put your fears behind you. Forget them and get on with your story. You'll probably be the next one to get a movie contract.
Best of luck,