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Are there any Republicans here on TNBW? By that I mean... Staunch conservatives who can defend themselves against my socialist flabbergastery?

It's been a minute since I've posted on this forum (that I personally established) because... Well, because I'm lazy. But the recent gubernatorial result in Virginia makes me wanna make a fool of myself all over again. I read an article on SALON today about an imminent civil war in America and, not that I'm totally buying into the author's liberalistic panic stations premise, but... The man made some good points. I think.

Or do I just see them as good points because I myself am a brainwashed progressive who believes in actually educating America's children? As opposed to obfuscating historical truth?

The way I see it, FEAR has overtaken both halves of America. Right wingers fear the coming demographic. Blacks, browns, gays, muslims, and empowered females scare the living shit out of Conservatives. In fact, the only thing that Republicans DON'T seem to be afraid of is climate change. Which, seriously, is the biggest thing they SHOULD fear.

On the other hand, we liberals are way too fucking concerned about our emotional feelings. The hard-hearted patriarchy exists because MEN get things done. We, as liberals, have gotta stop demonizing white masculinity and entreprenuershippage. Sure, a lot of it stinks. Like a murderous corpse flower that blooms every twenty years or so. But it doesn't do us any good to keep rehashing to prosecute the white man's past indiscretions. Most of it performed in the name of divine providence.

And that's it. That's the answer, I think. We, as a species, need to get Godless. That's my simply brilliant idea. Knock it off with the faith in a higher power baloney and start believing in your fellow humans instead. A wise man famously once said: HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE. To which I say: SO IS HEAVEN.

As above, so below. No?

Pretty good, right? I went on a philosphical diatribe just now for the helluvit. And now I'm tired. You wouldn't believe the amount of ear wax and dandruff suffusing my computer keyboard at the moment. Disgusting...


Re: Republicans..

Okay. I've calmed down a little bit and managed to climb down from offa my irreligious liberal high horse. Feel free to express yourselves and denounce me. Not only because I need it, but because Y'ALL need it, too. Because "SHUT UP, NOBODY CARES" will be the death of us all, I think.

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Hey, John.

I haven't been around much, probably because I'm competing with you in the lazy department.  I pretty much agree with everything you say here, with the exception of us being too hard on white masculinity.  Remember all my "Conversations with Richard?"  Well, I'm still dealing with him.  Now he watches Ben Shapiro AND Tucker Carlson. I'm an atheist, but because I still haven't been arrested, there is something to be said for my saintliness.

Re: Republicans..

Hello, Kat, and holy hell... you ARE a saint. I get carried away with my indignance at times (start forums out of the blue and whatnot) and then swiftly find out that nobody cares. Oh, well.