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Topic: Welcome to the Writing Tips & Site Help Group

I'm trying to revive this writing tips & advice group for new members (and maybe even experienced ones). I've renamed it Writing Tips & Site Help. That simultaneously eliminates the need for the old FAQ for members group, which Sol is going to delete.

Here's the catch: This only works if experienced authors/members join the group to help less experienced members when they have questions. This is a chance for us old timers to give something back (pay it forward) to newer folks, as others once did for us. Please join if you're not already a member and help out!

If you've just joined the site or have writing questions, please feel free to ask for help in the forum. There are no dumb questions, except for the ones I occasionally ask. :-)


Re: Welcome to the Writing Tips & Site Help Group

As someone who needs to improve his writing style... THANKS! I need help! Lots of help. Thanks for doing this Dirk.

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Re: Welcome to the Writing Tips & Site Help Group

For those just joining, please feel free to use this thread to say hello and to ask questions about how this group functions, which is pretty straightforward. The group is home to a number of long-time members who give freely of their time to help those just coming up to speed, whether about writing or the site. If we can't answer your question here (or if you need help in a hurry), feel free to post your question to the Premium forum, where someone should be able to answer.

For specific questions about writing or about the site in general, feel free to create a thread (using the "post new topic" link) in this forum. If you see a similar topic already in the forum, consider appending your question to that thread. Be sure to subscribe to all threads that interest you, so you can receive email notifications when that thread is updated. This is true of threads in all forums on the site. To subscribe to a new topic that you create, simply click on the checkbox below the textbox. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from an existing thread, use the Subscribe/Unsubscribe link on the light blue bar at the top of the thread.

For those posting something outside the normal question/answer format (e.g., tips), feel free to start a new thread.

Please use a descriptive subject, so others can scan the list of threads/topics and find what they may be looking for.

Re: Welcome to the Writing Tips & Site Help Group

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