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This was posted in a place I often read.  It's off-topic there, so there's no point in looking for more



Re: The Sorcerer's Progress

I've got LOTS to catch up on with everybody.  I've not disappeared,  but been distracted, and have just learned why I've been unable to get the holes I drill in metal to stay where they need to be.  (My pilot holes were too shallow.  Drill'em deep enough to get the full width of the final drill guided into the metal by the pilot hole!) and have to catch up after that.


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I'll try to get to a few reviews tonight.  I'm still looking at Kirsey's backstory, considering how to change B1 and B2, and not getting very far with the overall story arc.  I don't like the start I have on K's life story, and have a direction I like more,  but there are details that have to mesh, and fit with tbe timeframe.  Nor do I have a title.  But the big thing is to get Kirsey's parents together, with their circumstances and baggage, and do it in about 6,000 interesting words.  "Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak" just won't do.

And of course, projects and projects.


Re: The Sorcerer's Progress

I've been off the air with various distractions, including the opportunity to do a beta read.  I expect to finish ome review and do at least one more over the weekend.