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How do I go about REpublishing a chapter (one that's been previously published under the same novel but has now gone under some drastic rewrites) so that I can get it on the front page for everyone to eff with me without delay?

Just curious. And kinda drunk. smile


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Just do it. You publish it either as v 2 or as a new chapter and title it as the old one, so people will know.

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John, if you want it appear in the exact same place in the book (same chapter number) and with the same chapter name, then increment the version number only. You can also make the existing chapter/version inactive (unless you want both old and new to appear simultaneously for readers). Don't forget to cough up points for the new chapter/version, otherwise it won't show.

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Ah-hah. Publish it under a new "version". Thank you, Dirk. Very helpful.

So obvious a solution it makes me wonder WTF I've been doing here the past ten years... smile

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You suck, Rachel. Because your explanation was less forthcoming.

Just kidding. wink