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Morning All,
I've been lurking for a while finishing the editing on Jewel, working on another project, working full time outside the home, and keeping up with everything else. Some of you are familiar with my book, The Jewel of Veenah. I would love to share either a proof copy or e-copy of this book for a review or at least an opinion. I haven't published yet and I would, of course, love for it to hit the market with a couple of stars to help carry it. The book is a bit SciFi, not so much fantasy, but it's different.

My other project is ready for a good review as well, it is a devotional: Driving into the Son.

Please let me know if you'd like to read either of these for a review, and of course, I will be willing to reciprocate (now that I have a bit more time)

Thank you all so very much,


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I remember Jewel. I read the first 2-3 chapters and liked the start. I'd be happy to do a beta review.

I also have a finished book which I'd love some last feedback on before I get ready to publish.

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Cobber, I'd be happy to read your book, which one is it? Would you prefer a hard copy of Jewel, or e-copy?
I'll read yours in digital, you can email to
Thank you so much.

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Sorry I can't commit to this since I'm in the middle of editing 3 novels as an official editor & $$$$.

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Hi MzP,

I should be able to help you out.:)

Regards, Randy