The Superhero Origins Story Contest

The Superhero Origins Story Contest

Can You Create a Superhero? $200 in Prizes.

 Competition Closed 

The winners of the superhero origins contest are:

First place - Hardon by Dill Carver

Runner-up - Stringbean by Ceridwen

Runner-up - Vibro by Vern

We enjoyed reading all of the entries and hope that many of them will be expanded into more developed stories or novels. Many are certainly worthy. We hope everyone enjoyed the contest!

Superheroes rule the world, or at least the box-office in the summer time. The origin stories of superheroes are some of the most interesting and fascinating parts of the story. Spiderman received his power through a radioactive spider. Superman was born on a dying alien planet and brought his abilities to earth. The X-Men are mutants.
The goal of this contest is to create your own superhero with their own unique abilities and tell their origin story. How did they become a superhero?
The minimum length of the story is 500 words, the maximum 5,000 (recommended length is between 1,500 - 2,500 words).
So let's see some new superheroes be born!
Open to Premium Members of TheNextBigWriter. Premium members may submit unlimited entries to the contest.
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Start: July 31, 2015

Deadline: September 13, 2015

Posting Date: Postings that are eligible for this contest must be published on site after July 31, 2015

Prize: First Place: $100, 2 Runner-ups: $50.

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