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Topic: new here, need input

I'm writing and writing.  I have a compilation of short stories, eventually leading to a book about a young boys life.  I'd like some input on this particular short short story.  Tell me if this is bad etiquette, to post writings on the forum.  I just really need feedback.

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Re: new here, need input

Hey dags--you beat me.  I was just leaving a quickie for Stephen. 
Stephen--We usually don't post our writing on the forums; with so many members, that would get too cumbersome way too fast.  Here's how it goes, as dagnee says.  You read some of the other authors' postings, give them a review, and earn some points for yourself, so you can post your work.  It really doesn't take too long, especially if you're earning points to post a short selection.
As soon as you can, choose a few groups you'd like to join (maximum 10), then you can post your works in those groups, too, and you'll have like-minded readers to review your stories.  And if we want to find your work, we'll know where to look--there are many ways we can find you
Enjoy reading and reviewing with us.  I love it, and I've learned a lot, though I still have a long way to go.  JP

Re: new here, need input

Thanks everyone!  I just signed up, and I'm getting a somewhat limited view of things, since I'm viewing from my phone.  I figured I was missing something.  Look forward to reading your work!

Re: new here, need input

Dagnee and JP have pointed you in the right direction.

Re: new here, need input

Stephen, I really like your story. You have an almost poetic writing style.

As others have suggested, earn some points and post it and you'll probably get a lot of useful feedback. There are some terrific reviewers on the site. If you don't get enough feedback after you post, feel free to join some of the genre-specific groups and drop a thread there introducing yourself and asking for reviewers. However, you'll probably pick up most of your reviewers by reading their stuff first, and they then reciprocate. In addition to the feedback they give, you can also learn a lot about writing from reading their stuff. Since writing time is precious, I whittled my list down to about eight great reviewers, and I learn as much by reading their work as I do from them reading mine.

Also, read the reviews left by others for stories that you yourself also review. It will make you a better reviewer and give you great writing tips about any weaknesses that may apply to your own stories. Reading the reviews left by others may also help you identify which authors on the site make a real effort and leave the best reviews. You can then read their stuff and, hopefully, pick up excellent reviewers that way too.

Welcome to the site.

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Re: new here, need input

Thanks!  I am glad I stumbled upon this site.  I have been searching for a place on the web to have my work reviewed.  I have had a lot of great feedback so far.  Look forward to reading y'all's work.

Re: new here, need input

I opened your first posting to read and review, but noticed you have it set for web publication as well as workshop. As I do not wish my comments on anyone's works in progress to be viewed by the General public, I'm sad to say I will not be offering a read/review.