Topic: New: Diane's Story

I don't normally post two masterpieces (eh, hem) at once, but I got busy over the last week, the Muse struck me, and I wrote another novel. This one is YA. It didn't start out as YA, but the protagonist told me she was 15 years old when the adventure happened to her, and like the faithful amanuensis I am, I wrote that down. It has some sex, nudity, and swearing in it, but I checked and as long as it's necessary for plot and character development and you don't go overboard, you can get away with it. It is necessary, as it takes place in Rhiannon's World From about fifteen years before "Love in Exile to the end of "Out of Exile." It's Diane Witherspoon's story. Yeah. 'Niff said. lol Rachel.