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Here is my story to read; that is if you care to proceed.
My features appeared, and my story began,
In year '92, (that's what I understand).
PA was the place where our family was raised,
And milking the cows is how we spent our days.
Eight siblings, I had (and we made lots of noise),
Two sisters there were, the rest were all boys.

The first job I got at the age of nineteen,
And teaching at school had become my routine.
Grades seventh and sixth I had taught from my stool,
There at West Cocalico Mennonite School.
Then, at a bicycle shop, I had started,
To work on those bikes was the course to be charted.
And Red Rock Refuge became my career,
To help teenage boys their bad habits to clear.
(It was just in winter, to Red Rock I'd go,
'Cause that was the time when the bike shop was slow.)

The framing of houses I did for a year,
And then I went back to my teaching career.
At a small country school called Limestone Valley,
I helped fourteen students, their numbers to tally.
I currently run a small workshop for boys
Who are blind or are mentally handicapped joys.
As much as I can, I work at my writing,
Right now I find poems especially exiting.

Note: Because of the rhymes, this might feel like its fiction.
But, no, I assure, it's an accurate depiction.

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Hey Marcus,
Very clever. Welcome to the site.

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Welcome, Marcus. I think you'll find the site very useful.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.